Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 26

Well well well... what was a pretty boring week ended with a not-terribly-boring sickness.  Coach came home Monday running a fever of 103 (!), and he hadn't run a fever in his entire adult memory so he was quite the pitiful puppy.  I'd spent 3 hours outside with extrication training, where the wind was blowing, and I felt my allergies kick up.  What I didn't anticipate was waking up all night Monday/Tuesday sneezing massive snot rockets out of my face.  Then Tuesday becoming a human sneeze machine despite my best efforts to control it.  I probably scared the crap out of my psychologist as I'm using half her Kleenexes to mop my nose up during our session.  I then went home to work remotely since everyone at work is sick and I figured I was safer at home with my laptop, curled on the couch with the puppies.  Unfortunately, as the day wore on my sinuses kept exploding which made my lungs angry.  At one point I was extremely worried we would be trekking to the ER for a breathing treatment because I could not catch my breath.  Then I let out a HUGE burp and felt better.  Yes, that's right--I burped and my lungs expanded.

This little boy is now so large that he's got everything pushed up on my lungs and I cannot breathe.  We have 13 more weeks.  Holy crap people!  I'm suffocating because my child is so large! I want them to move my due date up so badly!  I am feeling more and more concerned over the size of this little boy once I hit my 3rd trimester next week.  Holy moly. 

I'm kind of bored without any sewing to do.  All his bedroom stuff is done.  We're waiting on tax refund money to buy his bedroom furniture.  The built-ins get ordered tomorrow. I need to paint some walls in our bedroom because we sold our monster TV to make room to put our 42" flat screen on the wall in our bedroom.  Because we will be putting the pack-n-play where the huge mega-TV was when he's really small (not waisting money on a bassinet).  So if I weren't shooting snot rockets I'd be painting.

I'm so ready to curl back up on the couch. I'm so tired. My bones hurt from coughing and I need to burp again, aka I cannot breath.  Pregnancy is magical people.  Magical to whom I'm not sure, but they keep saying it's magical.  I want to call a big B.S. on that one.  The baby is magical, the pregnancy.... not so much!
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