Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 25

Well I actually have been pretty good this week. I have been eating super healthy and trying, desperately, to watch and be careful to not gain too much weight before my next appointment.  I had to reschedule that too from the 17th to the 14th because my Dr is taking a spring break with her kiddo's.  Which was fine to me, I am all for going to the doctor earlier in the week! less waiting! :)

I cannot believe that I'm only 2 week away from my 3rd trimester. I keep remembering how it seemed so far away back at 10-11 weeks, like I wouldn't even make it to the 2nd trimester. It really does go by quickly as a whole. But every week feels slow independently.  I'm feeling pretty good these days, although still sleepy. I found a new chiropractor and he worked on my hip problem and I already feel better, I see him again friday to check my hip and my back.  When I wear a tighter t-shirt you can really tell how far forward my back has curved to handle the weight, and no matter how much I try to roll my hips and stand up straight I still look bowed.  The baby is now about 1lb12oz and 14" long! Holy jeeze! Which would explain the belly acrobatics all day and all night. 

Everyone keeps commenting on how low I'm carrying him.  It feels super low to me because he kicks me in the pelvis and in the bladder ALL DAY LONG.  My bladder is able to hold about a teaspoon before I have to pee again these days.  But then I see people who are around the same, further along, or earlier than me and they are carrying totally different.  I have so much room in my long torso I think it's like a resort in there. But at least I am looking definitively pregnant these days. :)

I'm also super warm these days, and I'm a very naturally cold natured person.  Coach now sleeps under the covers, which is against his nature.  I've been keeping it frosty at night because if I get too hot I cannot sleep and wake up drenched in sweat.  Which is gross.

I have also, officially, finished his entire bedding set.  The quilt is DONE!  I'll post photos after I wash it.  Because of the basting spray it's not fluffy yet. But I am super impressed with how it turned out.  the new darning foot and walking foot worked amazing, and I am so glad I invested the $17 and $7 (respectively).  I even found binding that matched the teal color in the fabric PERFECTLY.  It looks amazeballs.  But now I'm just itching to get the nursery furniture because I want to see it all together!!  I also hate that his little room is currently a crap storage location.  Coach has the DVDs all over the floor because he is "sorting" them (read: started trying to find something, they fell off the shelf, and he dumped them on the floor and organized a few but left it unfinished. for 2 weeks. ugh).  the bed is the only furniture left in the room, it has our old flatscreen laying on it until we sell the bedroom monstrosity.  ugh.  I am definitely seeing the early stages of nesting. I want the crib asap! I want to hang pictures, decorate, etc!

The built-ins get measured next week.  Hopefully they won't take that long to arrive. I'm ready.  Mostly, now, because the DVDs on the floor of the baby's room will be shelved AS THEY SHOULD BE.

I hate chaos.  Deep breaths..... no one even goes in there, but still. I hate mess!
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