Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living Room Walls

I mentioned last week that I had done some painting during our blissful 70deg weather (before we dropped down to -1).  I'm still in love with it, it totally makes the whole area look nice.  Worth the pain in the butt of breaking out the roller and paint.  Although I realy wish Coach would help.  He is a terrible painter though, terrible.  He sticks to yardwork and things involving a power tool.

Here is what that unfinished wall looked like:

And here are all the walls now that they're beautifully painted by yours truly.  The flow of the whole house is great now, I haven't even really even noticed the fact that the cut-ins aren't done on the 2 new walls, they look that amazing. :)

remember those closet doors? Yeah, that's them
these walls are the ones without the cut-ins, you can see if you look closely

so now all our main walls are painted!!!!  I don't count 2 walls in the dining room that are still white.  I hate removing/putting up curtains so I'm always a little slow on painting walls where there are curtains already hung. It is such a pain! One day I will have this whole house painted.... one day!

In case your currious about the paint colors: the TV/Accent wall is Behr Florence Brown 230F-7 in Satin. The main wall photos used Behr Clamshell 260E-2 in Satin
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