Monday, February 7, 2011


The last few days it seems like the internets have been full of cute ideas.  While I'm, well, not motivated to do much still I have loved thinking about these things. :)
  1. The second Venn Diagram print that Cup of Jo posted made me want to Microsoft-word one up for the baby!  Too cute!
  2. This Free Motion Quilting Tutorial over at Prudent Baby made me want a darning foot to add to my brand new walking foot.  Because those swirls are just dreamy for the little boys crib quilt (still unfinished). Also, first time I've heard of basting spray (sheesh I need to read up on quilting before I start, ya think?) and then a great idea of safety pinning bits together to keep it from getting off. Genius!
  3. I need to finish / start the curtain for Lil Bear's room.  I'm going to use curtain clips so I don't even really have to make pockets (although I will for good measure).  The curtain clips are mostly so that when he does get mobile, and he does get his little hands on the curtains, if he pulls hard enough they'll just pop off and not pull the whole rod down on his little body.  Yeah.  Because we all know this child has my genetics and will do exactly that.
Since I mentioned my new walking foot, there's a story with that little sucker too.  So my sister and I went to our local Bernina supplier and I (naively) asked if they had a walking foot for my Bernette 65.  The owner laughed at me when I pointed to the box hanging on the wall.  "You'll be glad your machine doesn't use that one, trust me" then walked off.  The cashier lady smiled and politely told me that those walking feet (for the more expensive models) costed $150!  Holy shit!!  But that she would order me the Bernette version but she didn't know how much it cost, except to say it was "significantly less".  They called and said it was in, my sister picked it up, and calls me laughing.  We were both figuring it'd be like $75 dollars, you know: as in half is significantly less.  Uh no, it was $20, and they were having a sale--she walked out with my $16.44 walking foot and called me hysterical with laughter.  Our elaborate "I'll transfer you the money immediately so your checking account won't die" scenario was suddenly a huge joke.  Hence, now I think I can afford the darning foot since walking feet are the most expensive kind you can purchase for any machine usually.  You can kind of see why in this photo:

Walking foot on the left and standard foot on the right.
This little baby is so freaking active.  He kicks me all day and all night now.  He kicked all through church, all through the superbowl (my sister got to feel him! THAT was awesome), and just all the time.  He is so strong it really does startle me a lot, it's hard to concentrate when you have a kick-boxing tournament of 1 going on in your abdomen.  I wake up some nights in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep for hours. I seriously hope that it is not related to getting further along in this pregnancy and is just some random sleep pattern.  I love my sleep. It is totally amazing that I'm 22 weeks! Holy crap!  Is he here yet? I want to hold him!

Oh and the best superbowl ad this year? Definitely this one!  I still can't quit giggling!
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