Monday, February 14, 2011

Brown or Blue?

I have my 24 week appointment today and the closer we get to June the more and more I think about what this little man is going to look like.  I want to meet him so badly.  I cannot wait until they put his little pudgy body in my arms and we can see this little miracle that we made.  This little screaming, crying, pooping miracle. 

Will he have his daddy's dark blue eyes or my boring brown ones?  Will he be a ghost person like his Daddy or tan like me?  Will he get our freckles?  Will he get my chin?  Will he be really tall like my father or our height? Will he have long legs like Daddy or a long torso like Mommy?  Will he have Coach's reddish hair (which was blond at birth) or black curls like me? 

I want to know!!! ack!!!  Is he here yet?
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