Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bathroom Door Fairwell

So we have two crazy double doors to enter our huge bathroom. They suck. The left one hits my closet door and the right one slams into our laundry baskets. We've been trying to figure out what to do since we moved in, but then we I got ADD and started painting. However, lately I've been watching all the door removal/replacements by Sherry and John at YHL. I got inspired from them (again) to remove those awful doors and hang a curtain in lieu of the awful doors.
bye bye stupid doors

So Coach popped those suckers off, I swung over to Target and got a curtain rod and hung a set of curtains that were too long for a random lone window in our Living.Room.of.Windows. (And I'm not sure I'll even replace the curtains there since I puttied up the hole anyway when I painted, I'll let it be nekkid for a while). It is amazing. Didn't realize how annoying hearing those doors bang into the laundry and the closet door was until we didn't hear it again.
see what I'm talking about on the back side?

Not sure how Donnie and Georgia feel though....
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