Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 24

February 18, 2011
Well I peed on myself this week.  For the first time.  And the last two days I've gone to the bathroom so many times the door practically opens when it hears me get up from my chair down the hall.  He must be standing on top of my bladder now.  He feels heavier.  My belly has good heft on it now, not just big-ness.  Even my boss made the "You are looking very pregnant" comment today which made me laugh.  I blame my shirt today:
February 23, 2011
I made the 2nd curtain pannel earlier this week but somehow, even though I measured and ironed them both the same, one is 1.5" longer than the other (which, thankfully is the hem width/length).  So I just have to fold the hem over and sew on top of it. But I still smacked myself on the head. No idea what happened there.  So my list is dwindling (woohooo!!!).  Big thing is cutting the quilt pieces, sewing those borders on, and then purchasing that basting spray so I can finish that sucker--the only big thing on my list.  I decided not to make a 3rd crib sheet because I have no idea how many I'll need, but I think should I need a third they were SO easy and quick I could whip it out during a baby nap should we need it.

The sleeping problem hasn’t gotten better all the time, but it is marginally better some nights. I think it’s related to me getting warm during the night (and during the day too sometimes) and feeling uncomfortable, so having the fan on seems to keep me asleep longer. Also, I try not to drink water after 6—but I’m so freaking thirsty again (just like in the first trimester) that I feel parched if I don’t drink water all evening. There’s no winning.

On a funny note, I was washing my face this morning and as I was rinsing the soap off the dogs came bounding into the bathroom and Georgia jumped on my legs hitting me in that area behind your knees. “Georgia! Don’t tackle mommy when she’s not looking.” To which Coach started laughing so hard and followed it up with a “Lil Bear, don’t tackle mommy when she’s not looking!” and all we could both picture is our son trying to tackle/hug me and then I go down with a 4 year old giggling. We were laughing for a good five minutes. We also briefly considered calling in dead to work today, it was so nice and chilly in our room and we were snuggled under the covers. But alas, we both went to work.
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