Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 23

Wow.  All I can say is I'm exhausted.  He keeps me up all night.  I fall asleep until about 1am when I wake up to pee and don't fall back asleep until right before my alarm. Hello cruel world.  So long coma sleep of the first half of this pregnancy!  bastards!  ugh!  And yes, I realize I will learn to live without it and having a newborn will deplete any remaining sleep stores--I KNOW ALL THIS!  But it still sucks and I don't think everyone telling me the exact same thing ("it's just getting you ready for when he's here!") is helping. It's just pissing me off.  And don't tell me it's pregnancy hormones. 

Because when you are pregnant, everyone comments on everything.  You're small, you're big, wow you exploded over night, you look tired, your hair has gotten frizzy, your feet look swollen, your face is swollen, yadda yadda yadda. And god forbid someone ask me how I'm doing and I answer honestly: I'm exhausted.  "Oh it'll only get worse when he's finally here." Or (the favorite) "when are you due?" "first week in June" "wow! just before it gets hot!"  Wow. you are so original.  It's Texas, according to my internal thermometer anything above 75 is warmish now.  I sweat all night.  So no, he won't be here before it gets hot. In what version of the south do you live in where May isn't hot as crap? I'm still going to be sweating like a beached whale, unable to go swimming because I'm afraid someone will scream out "ORCA IN THE WATER!!!", and still waiting for this little guy to just be here already.

this is a beautiful experience. we prayed for this. this is a beautiful experience. 

Also, I'm still horrified by the discovery I made while I went to the bathroom for the 800th time today.  I found 3 little baby lines, 3 little baby stretch marks. NOOOOOO!!!  It.IS.TOO.SOON!!!  I just looked at them, felt them, and all I could think of was how they look just like the seams on the pants I'm wearing.  UGH!!! so I immediately slathered more cocoa butter on my belly (I know, it won't help, but the psychological impact of those 3 little satanic things freaked me out).  

Valentines day was nice, we went to the OB's office and had to spend like 2 hours there because she got called out to deliver a kid.  I got my stuff for the glucose test I do at the next appointment at 28 weeks.  So I have to drink this bottle of orange crush kinda stuff, they take my blood an hour later, and we also have our sonogram to see if the placenta has moved.  Plus it's the first 3rd Trimester appointment. I start going every 2 weeks after that.  So close... yet so far! 4 months left! ah!!  So after all that we had a quiet Valentines day at home. I used our china (why not? otherwise it just sits there) and made roasted asparagus and portabello mushrooms, sweet potato oven fries, and got boudain from central market. It was delish.  And don't worry, that's blood orange italian soda.  :)

aaannnnddddd now I'm hungry again. not really. mostly thirsty. SUPER THIRSTY! I am a camel. 
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