Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 22

This week has been hard for some reason, I guess like everything I have good days and bad days.  Just kind of sad. I think part of it is that this week I've been having problems sleeping.  It could be the baby and the fact that he kicks me non.stop., the incredible heartburn and acid reflux that has started in the last few days, leg cramps I get at night, or that I'm just exhausted.  Or that the last 2 weeks have been so busy with work and I think about my mom a lot.

Work is crazy and I really am debating a change after my maternity leave ends.  We have a few options available to us that are unsure at the moment, but regardless of the bigger things working out I will be searching for a job that is closer to home once Little Bear arrives.  I get 12 weeks maternity leave (although i only have enough time saved to get 9 of those paid, it's complicated) and I think I'll be able to find something suitable during that time.  Right now my drive is 70 miles round trip, 5 days a week. I get calls, emails, texts, and requests all hours of the day and night--interupting dinners, nights out, etc.  Last night/this morning I got a text at 4:30am telling me we had a highway shut down from a rolled gas tanker spill, then a call at 6am to have me send out press releases, website updates, and social media stuff.  Have I mentioned that my job is not in PR?  Ironically, this is the part of my job that I do the most now (I've gotten really good at web editing and press releases) and I enjoy the most.  Maybe I'll look for something in that, but who knows since I don't have a degree in it at all.  Maybe I'll go back into the medical/research field, back to public health, copy editing, grant writing full time, or something else.  I also don't know what to do about my PhD.  My priorities in the last year have really changed--it's just not a life goal any more. 

I want to like my job.  I don't right now and haven't ever liked what I do if I'm really honest.  I'm good at it, but it is boring to me. I need to find something I enjoy if it's going to take me away from our son 8 hours a day. I need better hours.  I need reliability.  I need to cut the drama and stress from my current job.  I need something close to home. 

My 24 week Dr's appointment is next Monday.  Happy Valentine's Day. :)  I feel like this appointment has taken forever to arrive.  There's nothing really scheduled this month, although I think I might have to do a diabetes/glucose test sometime between this appointment and the one at 28 weeks.  YUCK. I scheduled our prenatal classes yesterday (Breastfeeding and Lamaze), they fill up really fast.  Amazing that this is our last appointment of the 2nd trimester.  After the 28 week one we go to every 2 weeks.  It seems surreal! I'm getting anxious to get his room put together but I need to finish all his sewing projects first and those are still only halfway done.  I need to get cracking on his quilt.  Ah well. :)
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