Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 21

22 weeks.  Wow.  18 more.... which still seems so incredibly long!  I'm ready for him to be here!  Well not really... since we don't have any baby furniture, but you know what I mean.  I've been finishing up our taxes and it looks like we'll get some money back to start our baby-to-do list and order our built-ins.  This has me very very excited.  I finished rolling all the living room walls when the weather was nice last week, so they're all ready ... I'm going to feel so impatient when we finally order them until they are ready.  I'm already mentally planning what will go where, what nic-nacks I'll put in them from other rooms, where I'll move our little bookshelf/TV crap holder, and how nice they'll make the whole living room look.  So completed!! ahhh!!! Irrationally excited!!

The little man is getting super strong and you can see my stomach move when he kicks.  Coach felt him kick a few nights ago, and while more exciting for me than to him, it was still pretty awesome.  It's so weird to watch your abdomen grow practically overnight! 

Anywho... this weather is crazy and I'm exhausted.  boo.
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