Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Time

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to summer? It might have something to do with the cold weather (yes I realize Texas cold isn't like East Coast cold. I lived in Boston and Canada, complain to someone else).  But really it's because I keep having this lovely visions of taking lil' bear to the pool a bunch of times during the summer.  I need to buy a UV blocking full body suit for him, which they have sold overseas for years and are finally available (while hard to find) here in the states.  But I'm terrified of what will be gigantic, scary boobies and a lumpy post-baby tummy. 

But not terrified enough to not go to the pool.  Who cares, judge me but I seriously won't care. I just want to see our little man enjoying the water. :)  I found these (ridiculously overpriced) swim suits on victoria's secret, and I think they are amazeballs.  They're convertable and have long attached skirts that hide all sorts of things (like my big ass, my huge thunder thighs, and oh yeah a lumpy belly).  Looks like I'll be saving for something like this until after the baby arrives. I've never seen anything like these with the long attached skirt/dress thing that doesn't look weeetawwded.
Firm Control One Piece Swim Suit by Magicsuit, $168
Firm Control Covertable Dress by Magicsuit, $168
Has anyone seen these anywhere else for not $168?  I just can't rationalize that price even though I know I'd probably wear the crud out of it.
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