Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Few Sidenotes

For Christmas Coach and I didn't really give each other big gifts, however we did manage to gift each other some (small) funny and fun gifts.  Over all the presents I got him, by far his favorite thing (and what he wore for the rest of the day) was:
shirt from Think Geek
I married a nerd. Ah well, it was hilarious. 

Also, among the many things he brought back from houston was this nursing pillow.  In airing it out, the puggles seem to have found a new place to relax as Georgia would not leave its comfy confines.  I thought it was purely hilarious (and since the smell didn't go away, it needs a good wash anyway so no biggie).
I also seem to have exploded on the baby bump front.  I've gone from "too many cookies" to "wooooaaahhhh baby".  Yesterday I wore a turtleneck (my office at work is like 60 deg) that isn't maternity but was long enough and apparently avoided all mirrors before leaving the house because when I went to the bathroom at work I surprised myself.  I guess at 18 weeks (tomorrow) I should be looking preggo, still.  I know it's all baby because I am still unable to gain A FREAKING POUND!  Dr's appointment is on the 17th and I'm hoping I"ll pack some on, I bought some boost to try and help up my calorie content some more.  So here's the belly:
17weeks, yes I'm in the bathroom at work. :)
I'm also sick as a dog. I used one of those Netti Pot thingies last night for the first time (it's approved for preggo's, aw yeah buddy).  Weirdest.feeling.ever. But hell, it worked!  And just because we didn't get each other big things, doesn't mean we didn't get something nice for each other/the house for Christmas.  We got a 60" TV! It's huge... but it doesn't look huge on our ginormous wall.  It's been nice to watch all those bowl games on. :) Although we have to lift the ceiling fan because it blocks my view when I'm cooking in the kitchen.
right after we hung it, hence the flashlights and none of my xmas decorations
So anyway, it's been quiet but good. I've been thinking about all my sewing projects but haven't done much.  I'm still exhausted and now I feel awful, so the combo is not good for my motivation.  I have so many photos of crafts I still need to post at home. *sigh* Lil' man you makin' momma tired! :)
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