Friday, January 21, 2011

Birth Announcement

I wanted to do something fun for our birth announcements, and cheap btw, but wanted them to be fun and creative. I also wanted something that was already mostly finished before I even got close.  So I made one up after seeing these beauties made by MosiePosies on Etsy.  I couldn't fathom spending $18 on something I could make myself, plus I wanted something I could print on a 4x6 card and slip in the mail for relatives, friends, and the like.  So here's what I made up:
Also, this is one of the two names we'll decide on naming the little man when he arrives.  There's another that I'm not sure I'm willing to disclose, but this is the one made up of my father's name (Lloyd) and Coach's grandfather's name (Alois).  It's old school but we love it.  Basically, we're waiting to see what he looks like before we decide.  I still keep fussing with the color of the green, I can't find the right shade.  And obviously there won't be a photo of the puggles there. The fur-babies just serve as an awesome place holder for the biological baby that will arrive (not soon enough!). 

What do you think? I love it. :)  The ones I mail out will not have his photo (too small), but we'll mail a small photo with the announcement I think.  I'm really happy with it!
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