Thursday, January 20, 2011

Belly Photos

7 Weeks 10-25-2010

17 Weeks

18 Weeks 1-12-2011
As requested by many, here are the only belly photos I've taken.  I finally got Coach to take one last week but then he absconded the camera because he needed it for something for school.  I'll try to take another one tomorrow or something.  I'm apparently exploding.  :)  YAY!!  also, holy moly just the difference between 17 and 18 weeks is insane! wow!!!

Also, pregnancy hunger seems to have hit. I'm hungry again! For the first time since this baby made his creation known at 4 weeks!  I'm not a botomless pit as some women say they are, but I am starving for every meal and I have snacks galore in my purse.  It's nice to finally WANT to eat.  We had date night last night and I cleaned up.  Yummie avocado egg rolls.
I'm anxious to get the baby's quilt done, but I'm waiting on the walking foot I ordered to come in so I'm on hold. I purchased (hopefully) the last fabric for his room last night and I've got to start making the crib sheets. :)  I'm hoping those are as easy as they look!
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