Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 20

Well I'm finally putting weight on a little easier.  Which is nice, I'm not as worried about it.  I think it's probably all the ice cream sandwiches I've been eating. :)  They're only 100 calories. For some reason my face has broken out this week in weird places and even my Baby Center iPhone app said that oil production increases this week for various reasons.  Ugh.  yucky.   My feet are swollen at the end of the day too. Nice. I feel like a camel though because I can't get enough water, so it's just regular baby bloating I think. 

I did some epic sewing over the weekend and I'm still so proud of myself.  On the list for this weekend is to make the matching curtain for his room.  I have to wait another few weeks to buy the last fabric for the quilt and the last crib sheet because the walking foot I ordered should come in soon and that's going to set me back a pretty penny.  But considering how much I did last weekend, I'm really in good shape.  here is my grand total of sewing accomplishments:
  • 2 fitted crib sheets
  • 2 small wetbags
  • 1 matching quilted throw pillow
  • 1 changing pad cover
I have left:
  • 1 fitted crib sheet
  • 2 large wetbags
  • 1 (maybe 2) changing pad cover(s)
  • crib skirt (don't know if I need one or not and will have to wait to buy the crib for this one)
  • curtain
  • finish the mobile (that's it's own post at this point)
  • piece together the remaining top quilt piece, then quilt the entire thing together & bind it.
So, overall, with the exception of the Quilt I really don't have too much because everything else is pretty dang easy.  The crib sheets were stupid simple, as were wetbags and the changing pad cover.  I was pretty impressed.  I love that I made it all, I'm so excited for when we get the furniture and see it all set up.  But that *sigh* will have to wait until (at least) march/april before we get even a single piece of furniture. Here's why:

  • We have two gigantic random cut-outs in our living room that I KNOW were intended to be filled with built in bookcase/cabinets but our weird previous owners didn't want them (check out the bottom photo with our new TV here or this better photo when I finished painting here to see the awkward empty spaces).    We, however, think that these empty voidss are retarded and luckily Coach has a very good friend who owns a huge cabinet making company and they are going to make 2 built-in units for us at a great price.  We order them in the next few weeks and hopefully they'll be here by April.  These built-ins are our biggest baby expense ironically.  They are necessary in order to get all of our DVDs (hundreds) out of the baby's closet. 
  • The baby's room has no blinds, master bedroom has hunter green blinds, the blinds in the living room are broken, and 1 random window in the kitchen has a hunter green blind, and the remaining blinds are all crap.  Luckily a guy at work does blinds and solar screens on the side for a very reasonable price and we're going to have him come in and do probably at least half the house before the baby's born. 
So between those two things, we're postponing our furniture purchase until we get closer.  And honestly, I'm ok with that really.  It's not a big deal to me.  I'm more excited about these built-ins than you can imagine.  I'm tired of the crap TV stand holding all our blue-rays and components looking random in the right-hand one and the one on the left looking totally weird and wonky.  I'm ready for some shelves, cabinets, and to put cute stuff in them! Ack!

Wow did this post get off topic. Yikes! Pregnancy brain!
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