Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 17

Here we are, rolling right along.  I can't help but touch my little belly and think about lil' bear all cozy warm in there.  I swear I felt him move yesterday in a meeting.  He's really active during all my ultrasounds and when I use my doppler he's all over the place now, it's so cool! 

Still feeling like dog poo and going to the eye doctor today to get a new prescription and new contacts. I'm going to order like 3 pairs of cute glasses from here because they are like $7 and a bunch of girls at work have done it and they're actually great.  Plus, my contacts are bugging me so much these days with all the weather changes and allergies so I'd like some versitile glasses choices. 

Everyone keeps asking me what I've been craving. Nothing. However, I do have really random grocery store purchases to entice me to eat more.  Those are:
  1. Star Crunch by little debbie (they're the only thing I can actually taste the last few days)
  2. Blueberry Bagels (with cream cheese or PB, toasted of course)
  3. Chinese Food.
Also my awesome friend since high school, Ashley, was sneaky and sent me these amazing shoes for lil' bear.  I'm sad that it'll be so long before he'll get to rock them out, but I'm so excited for these little converse! Baby clothes are just so cute. Little jeans, little button ups, little converse, little addidas samba's. ack!

Also debating getting some old school headphones so I can pump some show tunes in there.  Nothing wrong with a little womb encouragement.  Momma's got to have someone to take to see broadway shows! Hello!!! Is that wrong?  Coach doesn't care, he thinks it's fun that I'm hoping our son is gay.  I wonder if I'm the only parent to be out there that's hoping for that?  Am I strange?  I think what would scare me more is that the kids at school would be mean to him, but then I see all the openly gay kids at Coach's school and I swear they're more popular than the straight kids.  So add a few years and he'll be fine.... but I guess a straight kid would be ok.  :) We'll love him either way.  I'm just saying, a Kurt wouldn't be so bad. I could teach him to sew.....
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