Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 18

The perinatologists office went great.  Baby boy is doing great and heart-defect free! woop woop!!!  He was moving around so much they had a hard time at first narrowing down all the views they needed on his tiny little heart. Also, we've now confirmed via that ultrasound and the one I had yesterday (the 17th) that it is, very definitively, a boy. No doubts!

However, on the bad news front, I'm not all clear and the red "high risk" flag is still on my chart at my OB's office.  What I was hoping is our last ultrasound, wasn't.  *sigh* I have a low-lying placenta.  Which means, that if at my appointment in 8 weeks (at 28 weeks! The end of my 2nd trimester! wow! I still have one at 24 weeks too btw) it hasn't moved, I'll be scheduled for a c-section.  Major suckages.  Ugh.  Exactly what I didn't want.  I'm not very good at restrictions of a medical nature, as I hate pain meds and I like to lift/move lots of stuff on a regular basis.  So we're hoping it'll move on up.  Fingers crossed.  My body just doens't like being pregnant apparently.

Also, after hearing about the sale on paint this weekend at Home Depot, we stopped on by to get a few gallons at half off.  However, what I ended up getting was 3 gallons of the FreshAir paint (normally $35 a can) for $10.  They have limited colors, but I've been dying over the last few weeks to paint our stark, white, grimy walls in our master bedroom a dreamy blue (I was inspired by this gentile green master over at YHL).  Plus this won't stink (literally)!!!  You have to pick from their colors, but I found the 2 colors I'd been dreaming of painting our bedroom anyway. Here's hoping they look as pretty on the walls.  Now I just need to finish the semi-painted livingroom wall before I start the bedroom.  *sigh*  I think all of this is some serious nesting!  Maybe I'll just start by painting a few walls in the bedroom, the slowly but surely approach?  I get so inspired then I get tired of it.  Which happened mid-way through making this uber complicated dress, which is still unfinished and I have no desire TO finish.  Bad bad bad.

Anyone want to help me paint? :)
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