Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Crafting

I realize I'm now a day late on my 18 week baby diary. Work, life, everything has been crazy. Hopefully I'll get to it today. 

But I got a new phone (yes! finally!) yesterday and decided to test the supposedly awesome camera function on it yesterday with the quilt pieces that are slowly (and crookedly) coming together.  Good thing baby's have bad eye sight. Just don't look too closely at the squares and how off they are.  :) kthnx
Yes, there's a hint of pink in the pattern of 1 of the fabrics. Yes I still like it for a boy.  :)  I've got more rows to add on.  But overall I like it!
Apparently Coach wasn't so sure..... :)  His desk is on the opposite wall of mine.  And a mess.  Just like his face (burn).
And this is what my desk now looks like.  Having the computer there is handy because I can look at patterns while I'm sewing them, hopefully (hopefully!) preventing any unnecessary screw ups.  although I know they'll still happen.  Also, that cork board is a new addition that I had but was uggggllllyyyy (dollar store find).  So I staple-gun-actioned some left over fabric to the ugly plastic border and it's now worthy of hanging on my wall.  That piece of paper displays my sewing "to-do" list for the little man.

I have my perinatologist (spelling?) appointment today to see if lil' bear has his daddy's or grand-daddy Lloyd's heart conditions.  Fingers crossed for a nice healthy heart!  The wait time in the office is in excess of 3 hours, so that should be fun--psych.  I don't understand how that is acceptable. but whatever.

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