Wednesday, January 26, 2011

20 Week Belly Photos

this dress made me feel pretty for the first time in weeks
Coach said the dress didn't show my belly enough and made me change

And he wanted a belly photo.  HOLY CRAP I look HUGE
So Coach took like 800 photos because he didn't like my black dress for showing off his fetus.  :)  He likes the belly photos and I hate them, but when I saw how huge that belly was once I downloaded it I was shocked. I can only see my toes when I look down in the shower now, which is a new development. I swear I get bigger every day.  My skin feels tight, my belly is firm and not flabby like fat, and I really really feel pregnant these days.

Is he done baking yet? :)

Baby Diary: Week 20

Well I'm finally putting weight on a little easier.  Which is nice, I'm not as worried about it.  I think it's probably all the ice cream sandwiches I've been eating. :)  They're only 100 calories. For some reason my face has broken out this week in weird places and even my Baby Center iPhone app said that oil production increases this week for various reasons.  Ugh.  yucky.   My feet are swollen at the end of the day too. Nice. I feel like a camel though because I can't get enough water, so it's just regular baby bloating I think. 

I did some epic sewing over the weekend and I'm still so proud of myself.  On the list for this weekend is to make the matching curtain for his room.  I have to wait another few weeks to buy the last fabric for the quilt and the last crib sheet because the walking foot I ordered should come in soon and that's going to set me back a pretty penny.  But considering how much I did last weekend, I'm really in good shape.  here is my grand total of sewing accomplishments:
  • 2 fitted crib sheets
  • 2 small wetbags
  • 1 matching quilted throw pillow
  • 1 changing pad cover
I have left:
  • 1 fitted crib sheet
  • 2 large wetbags
  • 1 (maybe 2) changing pad cover(s)
  • crib skirt (don't know if I need one or not and will have to wait to buy the crib for this one)
  • curtain
  • finish the mobile (that's it's own post at this point)
  • piece together the remaining top quilt piece, then quilt the entire thing together & bind it.
So, overall, with the exception of the Quilt I really don't have too much because everything else is pretty dang easy.  The crib sheets were stupid simple, as were wetbags and the changing pad cover.  I was pretty impressed.  I love that I made it all, I'm so excited for when we get the furniture and see it all set up.  But that *sigh* will have to wait until (at least) march/april before we get even a single piece of furniture. Here's why:

  • We have two gigantic random cut-outs in our living room that I KNOW were intended to be filled with built in bookcase/cabinets but our weird previous owners didn't want them (check out the bottom photo with our new TV here or this better photo when I finished painting here to see the awkward empty spaces).    We, however, think that these empty voidss are retarded and luckily Coach has a very good friend who owns a huge cabinet making company and they are going to make 2 built-in units for us at a great price.  We order them in the next few weeks and hopefully they'll be here by April.  These built-ins are our biggest baby expense ironically.  They are necessary in order to get all of our DVDs (hundreds) out of the baby's closet. 
  • The baby's room has no blinds, master bedroom has hunter green blinds, the blinds in the living room are broken, and 1 random window in the kitchen has a hunter green blind, and the remaining blinds are all crap.  Luckily a guy at work does blinds and solar screens on the side for a very reasonable price and we're going to have him come in and do probably at least half the house before the baby's born. 
So between those two things, we're postponing our furniture purchase until we get closer.  And honestly, I'm ok with that really.  It's not a big deal to me.  I'm more excited about these built-ins than you can imagine.  I'm tired of the crap TV stand holding all our blue-rays and components looking random in the right-hand one and the one on the left looking totally weird and wonky.  I'm ready for some shelves, cabinets, and to put cute stuff in them! Ack!

Wow did this post get off topic. Yikes! Pregnancy brain!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Time

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to summer? It might have something to do with the cold weather (yes I realize Texas cold isn't like East Coast cold. I lived in Boston and Canada, complain to someone else).  But really it's because I keep having this lovely visions of taking lil' bear to the pool a bunch of times during the summer.  I need to buy a UV blocking full body suit for him, which they have sold overseas for years and are finally available (while hard to find) here in the states.  But I'm terrified of what will be gigantic, scary boobies and a lumpy post-baby tummy. 

But not terrified enough to not go to the pool.  Who cares, judge me but I seriously won't care. I just want to see our little man enjoying the water. :)  I found these (ridiculously overpriced) swim suits on victoria's secret, and I think they are amazeballs.  They're convertable and have long attached skirts that hide all sorts of things (like my big ass, my huge thunder thighs, and oh yeah a lumpy belly).  Looks like I'll be saving for something like this until after the baby arrives. I've never seen anything like these with the long attached skirt/dress thing that doesn't look weeetawwded.
Firm Control One Piece Swim Suit by Magicsuit, $168
Firm Control Covertable Dress by Magicsuit, $168
Has anyone seen these anywhere else for not $168?  I just can't rationalize that price even though I know I'd probably wear the crud out of it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Birth Announcement

I wanted to do something fun for our birth announcements, and cheap btw, but wanted them to be fun and creative. I also wanted something that was already mostly finished before I even got close.  So I made one up after seeing these beauties made by MosiePosies on Etsy.  I couldn't fathom spending $18 on something I could make myself, plus I wanted something I could print on a 4x6 card and slip in the mail for relatives, friends, and the like.  So here's what I made up:
Also, this is one of the two names we'll decide on naming the little man when he arrives.  There's another that I'm not sure I'm willing to disclose, but this is the one made up of my father's name (Lloyd) and Coach's grandfather's name (Alois).  It's old school but we love it.  Basically, we're waiting to see what he looks like before we decide.  I still keep fussing with the color of the green, I can't find the right shade.  And obviously there won't be a photo of the puggles there. The fur-babies just serve as an awesome place holder for the biological baby that will arrive (not soon enough!). 

What do you think? I love it. :)  The ones I mail out will not have his photo (too small), but we'll mail a small photo with the announcement I think.  I'm really happy with it!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Belly Photos

7 Weeks 10-25-2010

17 Weeks

18 Weeks 1-12-2011
As requested by many, here are the only belly photos I've taken.  I finally got Coach to take one last week but then he absconded the camera because he needed it for something for school.  I'll try to take another one tomorrow or something.  I'm apparently exploding.  :)  YAY!!  also, holy moly just the difference between 17 and 18 weeks is insane! wow!!!

Also, pregnancy hunger seems to have hit. I'm hungry again! For the first time since this baby made his creation known at 4 weeks!  I'm not a botomless pit as some women say they are, but I am starving for every meal and I have snacks galore in my purse.  It's nice to finally WANT to eat.  We had date night last night and I cleaned up.  Yummie avocado egg rolls.
I'm anxious to get the baby's quilt done, but I'm waiting on the walking foot I ordered to come in so I'm on hold. I purchased (hopefully) the last fabric for his room last night and I've got to start making the crib sheets. :)  I'm hoping those are as easy as they look!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scone Recipe

Kristy was looking for a scone recipe so I sent her mine and thought I'd share.  It's my moms and it's amazing.  I usually use whatever dried fruit I have available, the the dried apricots are the best I do have to say!  the clotted cream goes well with them, I've used it when I'm able to find it!

Janet's Apricot Scones
2c Flour
3T Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
1T Baking Powder
1/2c Cold Butter (1 Stick)
2/3c Cold Milk
1/4c Dried Cranberries
1/4c Chopped, Dried Apricots

Preheat oven to 400deg.  Lightly butter a baking sheet. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, cut butter into small pieces and rub into the dry ingredients to form a soft crumble.  Stir in fruit.  Ad the cold milk, stirring until a very soft dough forms.  Dump onto a flowered board and knead once or twice to make a ball.  Transfer the ball onto the cookie sheet and pat the ball into a 8" circle.  Cut into 8 wedges and seperate to allow air to breathe between each "slice".  Bake 18-20 minutes until golden.

Baby Diary: Week 19

With the close of this week, I'm now half way through this pregnancy! I cannot believe it.  Although I do have to say, I am still feeling like the time is crawling by and he will never be here.  But I remember feeling like that before my first doctors appointment, like it would never come.  Also that I'd never start showing, and woah I look pregnant now.  Like very pregnant.  Coach walked into the bathroom after my shower and even he was shocked.  I saw my sister after only a week or so and she put her hands on my belly and her eyes were wide; he's really going to be in our arms in a few months.  It's finally starting to feel real, to feel ok, to feel special. 

Although, this low-lying placenta thing has me feeling kind of uneasy.  I've never had spotting or pain or cramping outside of the first trimester, so it can't be as bad as most people with partial placenta previa--complete restrictions and pelvic rest, none of which they mentioned to me.  But it does put a damper on everything I do.  I'm not lifting anything, I'm not doing anything strenuous (not that I was before), and I'm trying to keep my legs elevated at all possible times.  I'm scared to start taking the natural childbirth classes in case it doesn't move and I have to have that horrible scheduled C-section. 8 weeks until we find out, 8 agonizing weeks. 

To all of this 'lil bear is oblivious.  He is kicking up a storm, he gets so active in the afternoons.  He's getting bigger.  We're having a son!  His little closet now has a small pile of little things from his Grandparents and a few things I've gotten/made.  UT pacifiers, OSU pacifiers, funny pacifiers (from his auntie), converse (from Ashley), a pair of adorable khaki cargo's (bought for $2 at a resale shop, they look just like his daddy's), khaki corduroys ($1 at resale! amazing!), UT socks, UT beanie, UT food containers, hand made burp cloths, handmade blankets, OSU shirt, and lots of free formula from the doctor.  I go in there and see all that, the nursing covers, my diaper bag, the toys we've already received second hand from friends, my old things, and all I can think of is when we have him in here.  When I'll rock him to sleep amongst all these beautiful gifts, all the handmade items from me, all of these little things that went into making his part of our life so beautiful.  And all of these things will never even come close to showing him how much I already love him.  I hold my stomach and I just want to hold him and smell his sweet baby skin against mine.  I see Coach and I love him more than ever, we've gotten the most amazing gift--this beautiful, precious life.  I want him to be here, I'm ready for the sleepless nights and the 2am feedings.  I'm ready. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 18

The perinatologists office went great.  Baby boy is doing great and heart-defect free! woop woop!!!  He was moving around so much they had a hard time at first narrowing down all the views they needed on his tiny little heart. Also, we've now confirmed via that ultrasound and the one I had yesterday (the 17th) that it is, very definitively, a boy. No doubts!

However, on the bad news front, I'm not all clear and the red "high risk" flag is still on my chart at my OB's office.  What I was hoping is our last ultrasound, wasn't.  *sigh* I have a low-lying placenta.  Which means, that if at my appointment in 8 weeks (at 28 weeks! The end of my 2nd trimester! wow! I still have one at 24 weeks too btw) it hasn't moved, I'll be scheduled for a c-section.  Major suckages.  Ugh.  Exactly what I didn't want.  I'm not very good at restrictions of a medical nature, as I hate pain meds and I like to lift/move lots of stuff on a regular basis.  So we're hoping it'll move on up.  Fingers crossed.  My body just doens't like being pregnant apparently.

Also, after hearing about the sale on paint this weekend at Home Depot, we stopped on by to get a few gallons at half off.  However, what I ended up getting was 3 gallons of the FreshAir paint (normally $35 a can) for $10.  They have limited colors, but I've been dying over the last few weeks to paint our stark, white, grimy walls in our master bedroom a dreamy blue (I was inspired by this gentile green master over at YHL).  Plus this won't stink (literally)!!!  You have to pick from their colors, but I found the 2 colors I'd been dreaming of painting our bedroom anyway. Here's hoping they look as pretty on the walls.  Now I just need to finish the semi-painted livingroom wall before I start the bedroom.  *sigh*  I think all of this is some serious nesting!  Maybe I'll just start by painting a few walls in the bedroom, the slowly but surely approach?  I get so inspired then I get tired of it.  Which happened mid-way through making this uber complicated dress, which is still unfinished and I have no desire TO finish.  Bad bad bad.

Anyone want to help me paint? :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Crafting

I realize I'm now a day late on my 18 week baby diary. Work, life, everything has been crazy. Hopefully I'll get to it today. 

But I got a new phone (yes! finally!) yesterday and decided to test the supposedly awesome camera function on it yesterday with the quilt pieces that are slowly (and crookedly) coming together.  Good thing baby's have bad eye sight. Just don't look too closely at the squares and how off they are.  :) kthnx
Yes, there's a hint of pink in the pattern of 1 of the fabrics. Yes I still like it for a boy.  :)  I've got more rows to add on.  But overall I like it!
Apparently Coach wasn't so sure..... :)  His desk is on the opposite wall of mine.  And a mess.  Just like his face (burn).
And this is what my desk now looks like.  Having the computer there is handy because I can look at patterns while I'm sewing them, hopefully (hopefully!) preventing any unnecessary screw ups.  although I know they'll still happen.  Also, that cork board is a new addition that I had but was uggggllllyyyy (dollar store find).  So I staple-gun-actioned some left over fabric to the ugly plastic border and it's now worthy of hanging on my wall.  That piece of paper displays my sewing "to-do" list for the little man.

I have my perinatologist (spelling?) appointment today to see if lil' bear has his daddy's or grand-daddy Lloyd's heart conditions.  Fingers crossed for a nice healthy heart!  The wait time in the office is in excess of 3 hours, so that should be fun--psych.  I don't understand how that is acceptable. but whatever.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Woah Baby

source unknown
Ok.... he started kicking the heck out of me late last week. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch when he was moving around, and he kicked so hard I felt it on the outside. I, of course, immediately started bawling.  Little soccer player!  Coach hopes he's left-footed. :)

I'm still hoping it means he's practicing his Jeté for his fabulous appearance as the star in a broadway show.  But hey, either would be fun. :)  Also, now I notice him kicking me constantly. he's very busy about 2 hours after I eat a meal.  Such a strange and beautiful feeling!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 17

Here we are, rolling right along.  I can't help but touch my little belly and think about lil' bear all cozy warm in there.  I swear I felt him move yesterday in a meeting.  He's really active during all my ultrasounds and when I use my doppler he's all over the place now, it's so cool! 

Still feeling like dog poo and going to the eye doctor today to get a new prescription and new contacts. I'm going to order like 3 pairs of cute glasses from here because they are like $7 and a bunch of girls at work have done it and they're actually great.  Plus, my contacts are bugging me so much these days with all the weather changes and allergies so I'd like some versitile glasses choices. 

Everyone keeps asking me what I've been craving. Nothing. However, I do have really random grocery store purchases to entice me to eat more.  Those are:
  1. Star Crunch by little debbie (they're the only thing I can actually taste the last few days)
  2. Blueberry Bagels (with cream cheese or PB, toasted of course)
  3. Chinese Food.
Also my awesome friend since high school, Ashley, was sneaky and sent me these amazing shoes for lil' bear.  I'm sad that it'll be so long before he'll get to rock them out, but I'm so excited for these little converse! Baby clothes are just so cute. Little jeans, little button ups, little converse, little addidas samba's. ack!

Also debating getting some old school headphones so I can pump some show tunes in there.  Nothing wrong with a little womb encouragement.  Momma's got to have someone to take to see broadway shows! Hello!!! Is that wrong?  Coach doesn't care, he thinks it's fun that I'm hoping our son is gay.  I wonder if I'm the only parent to be out there that's hoping for that?  Am I strange?  I think what would scare me more is that the kids at school would be mean to him, but then I see all the openly gay kids at Coach's school and I swear they're more popular than the straight kids.  So add a few years and he'll be fine.... but I guess a straight kid would be ok.  :) We'll love him either way.  I'm just saying, a Kurt wouldn't be so bad. I could teach him to sew.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Few Sidenotes

For Christmas Coach and I didn't really give each other big gifts, however we did manage to gift each other some (small) funny and fun gifts.  Over all the presents I got him, by far his favorite thing (and what he wore for the rest of the day) was:
shirt from Think Geek
I married a nerd. Ah well, it was hilarious. 

Also, among the many things he brought back from houston was this nursing pillow.  In airing it out, the puggles seem to have found a new place to relax as Georgia would not leave its comfy confines.  I thought it was purely hilarious (and since the smell didn't go away, it needs a good wash anyway so no biggie).
I also seem to have exploded on the baby bump front.  I've gone from "too many cookies" to "wooooaaahhhh baby".  Yesterday I wore a turtleneck (my office at work is like 60 deg) that isn't maternity but was long enough and apparently avoided all mirrors before leaving the house because when I went to the bathroom at work I surprised myself.  I guess at 18 weeks (tomorrow) I should be looking preggo, still.  I know it's all baby because I am still unable to gain A FREAKING POUND!  Dr's appointment is on the 17th and I'm hoping I"ll pack some on, I bought some boost to try and help up my calorie content some more.  So here's the belly:
17weeks, yes I'm in the bathroom at work. :)
I'm also sick as a dog. I used one of those Netti Pot thingies last night for the first time (it's approved for preggo's, aw yeah buddy).  Weirdest.feeling.ever. But hell, it worked!  And just because we didn't get each other big things, doesn't mean we didn't get something nice for each other/the house for Christmas.  We got a 60" TV! It's huge... but it doesn't look huge on our ginormous wall.  It's been nice to watch all those bowl games on. :) Although we have to lift the ceiling fan because it blocks my view when I'm cooking in the kitchen.
right after we hung it, hence the flashlights and none of my xmas decorations
So anyway, it's been quiet but good. I've been thinking about all my sewing projects but haven't done much.  I'm still exhausted and now I feel awful, so the combo is not good for my motivation.  I have so many photos of crafts I still need to post at home. *sigh* Lil' man you makin' momma tired! :)