Monday, December 27, 2010

We Got a Christmas Surprise

The Thursday before Christmas we went to the doctor (2 weeks late) and the baby is doing awesome.  I'm popping out of my clothes, I'm starting to look pregnant and not just fat, and I'm feeling less nauseous every day (finally).  The best part was, that she gave us a pre-Christmas glimpse of our little baby to releave some of the stress of the week previous and to see if we could get a good glimpse of the baby's bits.  And after a little while of squirming, the baby cooperated!
Onesie from Uh Oh Mama on Etsy
We're having a boy!! 

It's amazing how much bigger the baby gets every time. We kept seeing him cross and uncross his little legs and feet, move his arms, his cute little buns, see his developing facial features, and we got a few good looks at his "parts".  We get our official sonogram on our next appointment at 20 weeks (and double check the sex, so surprises please!) and I'll have the echo done sometime near then too to see if he's got his Daddy's heart condition (fingers crossed).  We are so excited that he's doing well and thriving despite my lack of any weight gain and all the stress of the past months.  He's just a super resilient kiddo already! We love you little man!!!
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