Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pregnancy & Food

So far, I have had very few cravings.  I'm still working on gaining back the weight I lost during my first trimester.  It's slowly but surely.  I'm still not feeling great but I'm able to do better than before. Any progress is good progress.  It's supposed to be uphill from here, so I keep hoping for truth in that. I haven't had to take a zofran in almost 5 days so that's pretty sweet.  But the lack of posting comes from the lack of anything exciting, which is a result of the lack of energy.  I work, get home, and lay on the couch until my 8pm bedtime.  exciting.
On a semi-related note, I got a salad to go today at a local place.  the guy next to me ordered an egg salad sandwich and paid $7.  dude, do you know how overpriced that is?  Do you know it would have taken you a minute to make that at your house in the morning?  A dozen eggs costs like 97c, loaf of bread is $1.50, dude.  seriously! People blow my mind. 
But now I'm craving egg salad.  So since Coach has a parent-teacher thing tonight for all the kids parents who made his soccer teams this week, guess I'll be boiling some eggs and enjoying a good ol' egg salad sandwich.  color me excited.
I watched Twilight Eclipse last night (never saw it in the theatre and my bluray arrived) and enjoyed it.  Not as much as the Harry Potter films, but hey.  One of Coach's assistants loaned me a series of books that I can't remember the title to, so maybe I'll delve into those before watching Glee. Needless to say, haven't gotten my promised "2nd trimester energy boost" yet, but fingers are crossed.  Belly bump gets bigger every day.  Maternity pants are so comfortable.  They have it going ON.


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