Sunday, December 26, 2010


Coach left early this morning to drive to Houston (4 hours!) to pick up a lot of our heirloom items from my mothers house after a mood killing debacle last night with my grandmother.  He'll be back in a few hours, but after a long sleep with my awesome new pregnancy body pillow (how did I go without this thing for so long?) I cleaned up much of the chaos from Christmas (dishes! laundry! and paper, oh my!), then went out to Ross and Target.  

Coach got us new sheets for our bed (having only one set is really annoying), but I... uh... wasn't a fan of the colors.  So I returned those at Ross and got some cute ones.  Then went over to Target where I snatched some great little storage boxes to organize some of his crap video game paraphernalia.  He now has a box with just the items for each game system (he has them all, from original Nintendo to PS2, including the SEGA's).  I've been wanting to get the whole TV system he had rigged up in the baby's room into our study for some time now, and so I moved everything but the TV (too heavy).  I slid my desk over, plopped my sewing machine on it after I did a huge clean through of my desk, and now I don't have to figure out where I'm going to sew something when I need to use it quickly, or when I've got a big project going I haven't just destroyed the kitchen table with sewing crap scraps.  

Right now, it's still a bit of a mess but once Coach gets home and has some time tomorrow to get the TV stand and TV in here, it'll look really good. Plus then we can get rid of the 13' TV we've had in here that you can't see anything on and replace it with the 32' one he has for the games.  An added bonus: one less thing to clean out of the baby's room whenever we start to order our furniture.

Now if only he would put his Calculus books back on the shelf and not have them all over the floor every day I'd really be happy.... one step at a time.
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