Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Not All Butterflies and Rainbows People

The general consensus right now in our marriage is that me being pregnant sucks. I say that with a little smile and a giggle, but I definitely do not have sunshine raining out my ass about this pregnancy right now.  I'm down another few pounds, I'm miserable, and I sleep. A.LOT.  Caitlin (and shiny-new-husband) came over Sunday and we made curry puffs, which are tasty and can be one of the blander good foods out there--so I'm shoveling those down whenever I can (I'm lacking on the vegi's these days).  I'm just afraid for them to run out.  It was nice to have some sister time, watch How to Train Your Dragon, and enjoy some time as the newly married Gilmore Girls.  It's so cute seeing them with their new bling.
(insert gross burp that produces bile, gas, and nasty aftertaste)
I'm only a month away from the end of this helatious first trimester. I'm in the home stretch.... to hopefully feeling human again.  I honestly can't remember what it feels like to not feel like butt when I get home and become permanently implanted in the couch.  This pregnancy ain't no joke.  Somewhere underneath all this nausea is excitement.  But somewhere underneath that is a month's worth of poop that won't come out but in exhausting little bits. 
2 things I'm looking forward to already after this baby is born:
  1. sushi
  2. getting my regular 9:30am poop schedule back
I also just have to say, Saltines are not tasty. They are not bland. And they do not taste good.  Who can eat those cardboard asscrackers is a freak.  Ugh.  I do have to procure something as I'm now waking up for my 2:30am pee break hungry.  But I don't know if Cheetos's, cool ranch Doritos's, or club crackers are the best midnight snack.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I ate any of the above previous to this week but I'm dreaming of those Doritos's right now.  I also got a random craving for boiled crawfish (with the required corn and potato sides) yesterday on my drive home; color me disappointed we're still 5 months away from crawfish season.  At least we know this baby is a good little Cajun. :)

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