Monday, November 29, 2010

The Holiday

While quieter than usual, this Thanksgiving turned out pretty good.  Coach and I drove down Wednesday evening to Houston and were able to have dinner with my mom and stepdad and my grandmother before I totally passed out.  I wasn't even up when my sister and her (woah!) Husband got in much later.  We had to make a quick stop at the grocery store that night for yams, marshmallows, eggs, milk, breakfast, etc. that totally drained me and we had a "unique" experience at blockbuster trying to rent Robin Hood that had Bob (my stepdad) and myself laughing uncontrollably for about 30 minutes.  People are CRAZY. 
Thursday Bob and I ventured out to pick up our turkey and fixins from Whole Foods, mom wanted to buy it so there wasn't any stress even though I offered to cook it.  I'd forgotten green beans and cranberries (pregnancy brain) the night before, so we had a big box of tasty food to come back home with.  Caitlin and I cooked up the yams, stuffing, cranberries, and green beans and were able to finally get my mom's stuffing right since she was there to help us.  That woman is awful with giving you a recipe and then if you watch her make that exact same thing, she's got like 6 more ingredients and 5 more steps she forgot about.  So everything turned out great, my grandfather arrived in from Austin just in time for dinner, and we were all stuffed (I ate a lot!  Coach was very proud of me. I was thanking the zofran gods).  We had pie and commenced a multitude of football watching.
Friday we watched more football and finally put in Robin Hood, which surprised me as pretty awesome.  It's now on Coach's gift list.  I had some spotting in the afternoon and started absolutely bawling for about an hour and went and laid down for the rest of the evening.  Coach would sit with me on our bed, then Caitlin would bring me tea, and after a few hours of no more blood I was calm enough to take up my horizontal stance on the couch for the movie.  I don't know what the spotting was from, but at 12 weeks I was thoroughly freaked.  We left early the next morning so that if I had any more I would be around our hospital/doctor if need be.  Luckily everything is ok as far as I know and the dr said it could be anything, but it was probably from all the standing I did the day before cooking if I'm not used to that.  Since it was so little.
Either way I freaked and bought a Doppler for home just for my peace of mind.  With a dr's apt only once a month, that's a lot of freaking out in between.  It was $60 well spent and it should be here tomorrow. Plus I figure I'll lend it out to friends who are pregnant down the road and want to borrow it. Sixty dollars is well worth peace of mind to me.
Overall it was nice. We got our Christmas tree yesterday and I started slowly decorating. I haven't decided what our tree's colors will be other than red, so we'll see how that goes. I'm excited to put lights up outside the house too, never having been able to do that before. The wreath is hanging beautifully from our front door and I love all my little holiday touches around the house.  Not too much, but it's nice. I did and epic amount of cleaning before church and it's nice to not see a layer of dust on everything--I just hadn't had the energy to do it.  I guess I'm getting a bit back as I'm almost 13 weeks.  It's almost December!


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