Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Baby Purchase

and I know it's only downhill from here. But seriously, this thing is awesomely cute.
Bramble Toadstool Nightlight by White Rabbit England
I got it on Gilt for a great deal, especially considering it's a hand painted ceramic cutie!!  How adorable will this cascading light be when little Tigger (? I'm trying out uterine- nicknames) arrives.

Also, I'm kind of over this whole pregnancy at the moment.  I've been nauseous x10 this whole pregnancy.  Tonight, at my debut of 11 weeks where things should gradually get easier, I just spent 45 minutes hurling my brains out and then dry heaving my entire gastrointestinal tract into the toilet.  I have never been more convinced we need tile than when I'm trying to cool off on carpet in the bathroom.  I now have to sit through paper presentations in class while alternating between sipping Gatorade and chicken broth. 

I've also made it back down to the -10lbs point and my scale is mocking me.  I spent the last year trying to get down to this weight and I'm there when I need not be.  With the exception of my little bump (finally!), I feel like skelator.  I should be gaining!  I feel awful. I'm so over this whole experience right now. I just sat with my head on the toilet for like 10 minutes uncontrollably sobbing. I know I'll get over it, but I seriously am so tired of feeling like death 24 hours a day.  No, I feel like death got run over by a cement truck, then a piano got dropped on it, then someone took carbolic acid and poured it over death.  and tap danced on my soul. 

3 more weeks.... 3 more weeks.... this puking better not be a new re-occurring thing.  I'm thankful for this baby, I am. But seriously thinking about buying our future kiddo's. Sigh.
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