Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Diary, Week 10

Tomorrow I will be 11 Weeks.  3 more weeks until I'm out of this trimester.  Coach is excited to spill the beans to all of creation, although he's already spilled to just about everyone anyway.  What a goob.  :)  This week we had our last "extra attention" OB visit, now we're on the regular people schedule.  Dr. Wiley took me off the Prometrium (Progesterone supplement) because I'm doing so well.  We heard the heartbeat on the doppler then we got an extra sonogram because it was Coach's first OB visit.  The baby is hugely different from the last time!  The last 2 sono's she's had to zoom in and search, this time baby was front and center.  We got to see his/her arms wiggle, legs were a bit curled up, and his/her arms were over the head in a cute little pose.  Next time we go in there will be even more features to see.  :) 

Coach is still undecided if we'll find out the sex.  It's his call, so unfortunately myself (and everyone else) is at his whim.  Right now I'm going with we're just not going to find out.  But when we have our big 18 week sono he could want to know.  *sigh*  But if we subscribe to his mom's theory on gender prediction, the fast heart rate (162bpm) indicates it's a boy (because with all 3 boys she had fast fetal heart rates, but according to heart rate prediction should mean it's a girl).  The Chinese gender chart says it's a girl.  My mother carried out front with both of us and everyone told her we'd be boys, so her theory is going to be tested once I start getting bigg-O.  It's kind of fun to guess.  We've got 2 names picked for each sex and we're going to wait to figure out which one to go with until we see the baby.  I think we might keep them to ourselves for now. 
Almost out of this trimester!!!! yippie!!!


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