Friday, October 1, 2010

A True Partner

A True Partner

The thing I keep seeing is how thankful I am for Bob, my stepdad. They got married a month and a half before her initial diagnosis. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Throughout this he has been full of support and love for my mother. Absolutely unwavering. His constant humor has brought my mom out of such pain, constantly.

He is about to lose his wife. They were supposed to grow old together. How do you live with losing your best friend, your partner in crime, your soul mate? Watch them battle, watch them go through this. They're in so much pain but he is so caring, so loving. How? How is this fair?

We're here and I realize I just posted but I think this writing is really cathartic. It's helping me center myself. Watching him come in, put his arm around her and her whole body lean into him--that she has that is beyond my greatest wish for her. I only hope that everyone in these horrible situations is lucky enough to have that.

Even if we know it's only a short time left--heads up, chests out, march on.


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