Friday, October 22, 2010

This Weekend

So this weekend my little sister is getting married.  I feel so old.  I am so excited for her, you wouldn't believe. She's such an amazing lady and her man is great.  They are perfect for each other.  But I have to say, when they first started dating I had great fear this little Army Enlisted peon would hurt little Caitlin's heart.  he was just back from Iraq, and although they'd been friends for a long time I had my doubts. Big ones. Especially since he's closer to my age than hers.
But then I met him. And saw the way they looked at each other. And they've been grossly happy every since.  He's finishing school this may and then she'll be an officers wife.  Continuing the Gilmore tradition of serving the military the best way we know how: by nagging our husbands so hardcore they enjoy going to war instead of being at home. I kid. I kid. 
I'm incredibly proud of the service he provides to our country.  The sacrifices he made during his deployments when he was so young, the lives he saw lost. I hope so sincerely that our children can grow up without the fear that we had--that we won't lose these great men and women to a war we can't even see fought, for an enemy who hates use beyond our comprehension.  I hope their children never know the loss Caitlin and I do. 
I know that when he does get deployed I will dress our children as we were always dressed growing up: constantly with a yellow ribbon in our hair, on our jacket, on our backpack. Always with a gold/silver bracelet that says "my ____ is serving our country".  I'm so honored to know someone so brave. 
I'm so happy he'll be a part of this crazy family we have.  That our children will call him their Uncle.  That we will spend all our vacation time visiting them in all their different locations, that this is how our children will get to see the world--just as we did.  And to my little sister: that you may always have the happiness you have found here in this wonderful marriage.  That your blessings abound.  May your life always be filled with the bloom of hope and love.
Sappy I know.  But to bring you back to center here is something completely unrelated: I look forward to the day when I finally can poop like a regular human being again.  This is ridiculous.  But worth it. :)
The End. :) 

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