Saturday, October 23, 2010

Since I Kinda Dropped A Bomb

So I had no idea more than 3 people read my blog. Apparently there's a few of you lurkers out there (Beth, you Austin Ladies) and I've inadvertently created quite a few questions. So here's the ones I can answer comfortably:

We're very early along. Everything with this pregnancy has been extremely different than the last and all in good ways. A lot of it has to do with the care I'm receiving from my doctor.

I have had some minor problems but they put me on Prometrium (a Progesterone supplement) to help baby Poppy stick around. This won't prevent the fetus from aborting if there is something wrong with it, but it keeps my body from doing anything retarded.

I'm also on Zofran now for my nausea. It's been pretty gnarly but I've been trying to tough it out. Poppy is worth it is my mantra. I'm trying it today so I don't hurl on Caitlins wedding dress.

I've already seen the doctor and will go back almost weekly until I made it to about 14 weeks.

The babies heartbeat is precious. I was terrified we wouldn't hear anything but we did and that amazing woosh-woosh gave me such a relief I cannot even describe. Lucky for Caitlin because I practically squeezed her hand off during the ultrasound out of sheer panic and she'll need that hand to hold her little niece/nephew. And to be my birth coach, that's what sisters are for. :)

I found out I was pregnant the week we found out moms cancer was back. I got to work on Monday after being in the hospital all weekend and looked at what day it was and freaked out, and took a half dozen tests (might be exaggerating, but not by much) that night which all came up positive. God has a funny sense of humor.

It's been hard to keep quiet as I'm so visibly sick all day and I'm constantly putting my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from spewing like the Exorcist. I'm convinced people who wait until the 2nd trimester and say no one knew, obviously have very unobservant friends and family or they're jerks who don't have morning sickness (aka all day sickness). Everyone who sees me regularly has guessed and congratulated me. Me and the parasite baby are being prayed for a lot and I'll take every good thought there is.

Well I have to pee again and my super-thirst requires some more water. And I forgot my crackers so I've got to scrounge some of those before my stomach realizes there's nothing in it and starts rebelling.

Love you all!

Colleen, Coach, & Baby Poppy

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