Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am so TIRED

I'm so exhausted.  My mom is home and doing a little better.  She didn't get home until Tuesday because insurance got tied up in getting her TPN (liquid food) order set up through the home-health service.  She's still in some pain and is not sleeping as well as she probably needs to be. My grandparents are with her and I'll go down tomorrow to spend the weekend. I'm glad to go down, I want to spend time with her, but I'm also craving a whole day in bed with my full DVR.  Selfish.  Caitlin is going next weekend so I'll catch up on this filthy house then.  

Caitlin's wedding is going to be on the 23rd of this month because there is no way mom is going to make it to May 14.  It'll still be really nice.  We'll have a small reception at Sorento's, which is the amazing restaurant my mom and Bob had theirs at.  Best food in Houston, at least to me. 

I have so much going on and so much I don't feel comfortable putting here right now, maybe in a few more weeks when things are more solid.  Which kills me because I feel the need to talk about it here for the 2 people who read, but I am not comfortable with it yet at the same time.  So sorry... but keep checking back. 

UPDATE: mom just called. she's having her stomach drained again tomorrow and has to be at the hospital at 7:30.  Then she has chemo after that. So I drive down, then I'll just wait for her and my grandmother to return. I'm worried about her being with my grandmother during all that because she usually needs help and my grandmother is not super mobile either.  It's kind of worrying me.  Not to mention that my grandmother is A HORRIFIC driver and she's going to be driving around downtown Houston? If my mother doesn't kill her I'll be surprised.  What a mess... which I could have gotten down there today to take her to all these appointments.  I don't feel good about her being with my grandmother because she can't even get her out of a car or doesn't even know where anything is! I know, paranoid right?
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