Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Productive Evening

So I went to Central Market after work, always a dangerous decision.  I picked up some live basil and some beautiful tomato's.  I actually went to purchase polenta, which I love and I was out of.  I have the amazing ability to kill any living plant, but I once kept a live basil plant I got from CM alive for 6 months by keeping it in a glass of water on my window sill (also, it's the same price as that small little "box" of herbs you can buy which is no where near as fresh).  So I wanted it in something cute on my windowsill.  I remembered these little jerks that ended up getting randomly placed next to the dog treat jar in the dog cubby:
which is getting a bit cluttered, by the way:
My first attempt was to put it in my cowboy boot mug. No dice, and broke a bunch of leaves off (which I deal with later).  I split the bulbs up and popped them in the little jars.
Their new pretty jar's on the kitchen sink windowsill (please ignore our disgusting hunter green blinds.  Yes, green. Obviously the previous owners were crack smokers).
So then what to do with my little basil leaves, hello: bruscetta!  I also bought some hatch chiles (if you don't know, educate your dumb self!), so I threw a bit of that into my "dinner" for a bit of roasted awesomeness.  God I love that stuff....
So quick, so easy, and for a football widow like me: perfect for any of the 5 nights a week I eat alone.  However, my awesome toe-nail-radiating heartburn did not approve, so now I'm sucking down rolaids like they're going out of style.  But how can you resist this?
I have class tonight.  Here's hoping I don't burp through the whole damn thing.  But let's be honest, I probably will.

On a similar note, I wore a dress last week to work on friday (I usually dress like a normal, non uniformed, human being on friday's as there is no office staff there usually).  Every time I wear normal clothes I get 800 "wow, you look like a girl!" comments.Yeah no duh dumbass, it's because I AM a girl.  Way to go captain obvious, you should take the detective's exam you're the next Columbo! Anyway, so I go into my friends office and I'm like "seriously? is it that damn hard to believe I am a girl? Wait, other than the burping and the cussing like a sailor, is it really that hard to believe?"

I guess it is.  I'm wearing a dress tomorrow.  I'm kicking the first guy who says "whoa you look like a girl" right in the baby makers, that level of stupid does not need to be reproducing.
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