Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Day I'm Going to be a Professor...

and I will mark papers with these awesome Stamps of Disapproval:
by Heather K Phillips, available on Schooled
I very much like them.  Especially this one.

Speaking of PhD school, I've had to drop a class. I dropped Quantitative Methods because our professor for the class is a dickweed and is teaching "intro to advanced statistics" instead of what he should be teaching: application of advanced statistics.  I've taken too many stats courses to spend an hour and a half (no joke) explaining to 3/4 of the class what an interquartile range is.  This is a high level PhD class, you should already know.  And I'm not learning a new retarded stats program because you have a personal vendetta against SPSS, which is standard for our field.  So I'm down a class. Which puts me back to graduate; there's quite a little riot going on among the higher level PhD students, so we'll see what shakes out. It's been a lot of interesting emails.  Kinda funny almost, except I really did need this class in its intended format.
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