Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am so exhausted

this week has been crazy, on top of crazy, boiled in crazy.  I love being busy but this is too much.

and I going to Austin saturday for Preston's memorial service with Tiffany, staying at the grandparents, coming back sunday.  So no rest for the weary.  Le Sigh. 

However I got a cute idea to document and remember for the future from this photo:
Via BlueBirdVintage, by ethanollie
Wouldn't it be cute to make a board where you put a nice simple fabric, padded backed "picture" display of the outfit your baby left the hospital in, or was baptized in, etc.  I just think that would be adorable to hang in their room.  First day of school, or something dorky like that.  Stupid? I duhno.... I think it's cute.
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