Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Preston

I miss you.  I’m supposed to be finishing work but I had to write you.  I still catch myself talking aloud.  I miss your smile, your laugh that somehow still sounded like a little boy.  You’ve been gone so long it seems, so short a life we lead.  Your friendship was the most generous gift you could give.  We all laugh of your memories, your life, and your sincerity.  You still remind me of the life I should lead.  Of what it truly means to be happy, of what I truly need. You gave me the courage to be me, to live my life the way it deserved to be lived. To not tolerate anything less than what I wanted, exactly as I wanted it.  I’ve found it.  I have it.  And you’re gone.  Where’s the peace in that

Where there are no words, I find you.  Your presence is here, even though you didn’t believe in such faith.  I swear I can feel you in every beautiful breath, every simple moment, every evening of serenity I share.  “You could be happy, I hope you are; You made me happier than I'd been by far” – The Snow Patrol

The Finish Line – the Snow Patrol

The earth is warm next to my ear
Insects noise is all that I hear
A magic trick makes the world disappear
The skies are dark, they're dark but they're clear

A distant motorcade and suddenly there's joy
The snow and tickertape blurs all my senses numb
It's like the finish line where everything just ends
The crack of radios seems close enough to touch

Cold water, cleaning my wounds
A side parade, with a single balloon
I'm done with this, I'm counting to ten
Blue as seas, running to them

I feel like I am watching everything from space
And in a minute I hear my name and I wake
I think the finish line's a good place we could start
Take a deep breath, take in all that you could want.

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