Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wanna Be PenPals?

I’m a big fan of blogs these days. It’s always possible to find someone who is like you or at least sometimes thinks like you. I’d love to have a full time bloggie job, but I’m not even sure how that happens and I’m pretty sure I used up all my “good luck” when I met Coach. I’m still kinda shocked at that one. Damn he’s fine.

Anyways…. Where was I going with this? Ugh, ADD brain has interrupted OCD brain and Depression brain. Again. What a bitch.

Oh yeah, what I like about some blogs more than others is when you can really get to see the person underneath. But what my weird little mind gets wrapped into is that all of a sudden I get too involved in them, or I feel like it’s too involved, and I want to be their friend. Like in real life. As in, not on the internets. I want to call them up, or at least have the option to call them (even if I have a complete fear of cold calling people…. Just like my fear of using bathrooms at people’s houses, weird). I want them to like me as much as I like them, as in—if we really knew each other.

And I guess that’s where today’s modern technology and blogosphere has kind of replaced some little parts of reality, you can reach out without reaching out. But I like reaching, I like going to dinner and having one too many margarita’s and calling Coach to drive me home. What’s not to like about that? So to the bloggers that I read: wanna be pen pals?
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