Friday, August 6, 2010

Vegan? Tasty? YES! And LOCAL!

Spiral Diner and Bakery
1314 W. Magnolia Ave

I'm from Austin.  Know for being a bit more earthy than the rest of Texas.  I know it for being an awesome place to find hole-in-the-wall food, of all kinds.  I've said before that Fort Worth is the cowboy version of Austin, or Austin with a Cowboy twist--if you may.  I always descirbe myself as living in Fort Worth, NEVER Dallas. I'm not a fan of Dallas.  For many reasons I don't feel like going into.  But one of which is that I hate eating at chain restaurants, there are few exceptions, but for the most part if someone says Chilli's I try to convince them to go somewhere else.

Well Kristy, my high school friend and now Fort Worth resident, and I met for lunch yesterday at the Sprial Diner and Bakery.  wow.  Totaly cool, totaly trendy, and the food: AWESOME!  We both had wraps and not only were they huge, but they offered a huge slice of watermellon as a side.  Did I mention that it was a 105deg. yesterday? I could have bathed in that watermellon.  It was awesome.  Also, I had to try one of their cookies. WOW.  Super fluffy, super soft, and awesomely delishous!  I want more.... Dont judge Vegan/Vegitarian by its name, most of the time it's better than anything else you could get with meat and by the time you've just finished licking your plate clean you forgot you missed the meat anyway. yum yum.

So if you live locally, check it out. It was packed too, always a good sign!  Plus, they have something called a "Deathstar Sunday".  Who on this planet doesn't think that sounds awesome? and All you can eat pancakes for like $6 on Sunday, yipes! sign me up!!
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