Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I ran out of paint last month. I got most of the walls done, but half the trim unfinished. I hate trim. I also only made it through painting half of one of the main walls in the living room, so it's painted half way up. This is one of the uber tall walls. I also never finished the brown color on the accent/TV wall once I painted the crown molding, so it's also still not done (3 months ago? nice huh). But that wall is a b*tch to paint because it's a friggin high wall, and the fire place in the middle makes trying to get close to the wall to actually paint it extremely precarious. it's one gnarly bitch.

So basically with no pregnancy I need to light a fire under my ass. My complete lack of motivation isn't helping. I at least need to finish the walls I started so it doesn't look so shitty in the house. Every time I look at them I then remember that I have to paint a few more window-sill's white (5 to be precise), before I do the trim. Or I guess I could do one coat of white, then start the trim, then do the second. I haven't even started painting 2 large walls in the living room. Only one of which has curtains on it (major pain to remove those bitches), but there are lots of windows (5 big ones) to do lots of cut-ins on. I could scream. If I had the energy. Hi, I'm manic.
I also bought primer to finally paint a few things I need to get cracking on asap:

  • repaint my rocking horse

  • repaint 2 antique chairs I bought 6 months ago (also have to reupholster them)

  • repaint 2 of my dining room chairs (casualties of paint splatter)

None of this takes long. But it's tedious. And I'm feeling SO lazy these past few weeks. I have no energy. My eyes are still droopy.

I just need to do it already. It'll feel nice to have it done. I hate HATE it! I wish we had the money to pay someone. Sigh.... painting is shittastic.
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