Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sewing for Baby/Mommy

There are various projects I've seen around the web that I would love to have for baby.  I'd love to have a nice gown I made for the hospital, but I'm both intimidated and too cheap to buy the $60 on ebay.  But these little projects I think I might be able to do.

A Case for your Diapers and a wipes cover - which I made and posted here

Nursing Cover - which was more intimidating to read than do, also here

Laminated Bib - even has the pocket on the bottom to catch the extra food

Car Seat Handle Cover - awesome idea

Sippy Cup Leash

Sassy Baby Bib (snort, haha)

Cloth Blocks (might be great for those scraps you'll have from all the above projects)

Cloth Baby Rings

Super Easy Pacifier Clip (I refuse to call them "binkies")

Nap Roll (holy jeeze how cute is this thing for when your kiddo grows up and goes to school!!)

But basically, check out Make it and Love it. obviously I did. And once I finish all my other "projects" I'll be tackling some of these. :) If I can make time during all my PhD this fall, I'm dreading the 2 classes! eek!!! Maybe christmas break projects.... let's be realistic afterall.
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