Friday, August 20, 2010

Didn't Think That Through....

I wrote this Wednesday night and didn't post it. Obviously I was a bit "punchy". I needed a bowl of ice cream, which I never ate.

Ironic that right as I found a drink worth drinking I am off alcohol again. What a fuckin load of bull. Even if I did feel like The Dude every time I poured myself one.

Also, never thought about the porn implications of my blog name before. Should I be concerned? I could rename it CrockFullofIT. Which is a part work inside joke, part kinda funny, part I have just gotten home from a 13+ hr day. They call me Crock at work, used to be Happy (from Happy Gilmore). Which is better than Betty Crocker I guess. Which is only slightly better than my old nickname, Alice the Goon.

But for now, whatever. I'm kinda ok with googling the blog and getting porn for now.... You think those are real? Me neither....
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