Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Technology... You Dummy

I have the iPhone 3g.  Since the new software "upgrade" my phone has been crawling at a snail's pace.  One of the guys at the station talked to apple and they emailed him some "fix" for that. Talk to him today, it's as slow as before. And I'm not exaggerating--it takes almost a minute to unlock it, a minute for it to pull up the text you just had, and forget using the map feature it takes so long to even load that the phone times out. 

Coach used my phone for something a few days ago and got so irritated with its speed that he was cussing at it (obviously, this was following his return home from another wasted day at football).  I paid our cell bill yesterday, and just decided to check when I'm available to upgrade. I can get an upgrade now as it turns out.  And now I know that, and Coach knows that, and now we want to upgrade my phone.  But I feel like my phone was fine before and just because apple wants me to get a new iphone4 doesn't mean my perfectly fine (before) phone (that I've had a year and a half--albeit that this is actually my 4th replacement phone because they break, but it's free with the insurance) needs to hit the trash.  Just because they came out with a new model is not an excuse for them to ignore the problems they've caused on the older models and I have to spend $200. 

In addition to the fact of what phone to get... android or iphone4? I'm not tech savvy, but I need a lot out of my phones because of work. ugh. #lesigh Sometimes I hate technology.
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