Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Floors

So as I mentioned a while ago, we ended up getting new floors.  All the hallways, the dining room, living room, and our bedroom had the carpet riped out and were replaced with really wonderful laminate.  we could have gotten wood, but the price was right and we got a 30year warranty.  So can't beat that!

they're awesome, everything looks great with the accent walls and the painting. We also repainted all the moulding because they removed it during install. So all the molding except in the 3 spare bedrooms is repainted!! Well.... other than the doors and door trim, but the hard part is fixed! woop! It looks so clean and awesome!

Oh and Cancer SUCKS! I'll post more when I know more. Mom has her scan next week but Preston's cancer is back. I'm pissed.
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