Thursday, July 15, 2010

The New Doc

So the new doctor was awesome.  It went great, despite getting stuck in awful traffic and being really late. I got a ton of great answers, although concerned over some issues Dr. Wiley brought up with the actions of my old doctor. so she's got to request all of my records to make sure that the old doc did everything she should have. But we got cleared to start trying again, which is super reassuring since I'm so ready for this baby! She said she'd call if anything came up on the records she gets, because I was never called with any pathology reports (and should have been) following the D&C.

Dr. Wiley's nurse is super nice and the doctor is super cute and normal. I liked her instantly. She sat with me for like 20 minutes no problem, it was really great. I got a ton of great answers and feel really good and super relieved. It was hard sitting in the waiting room with all those big pregnant ladies (it was sonogram day apparently), but the second I was in her office I felt super comfortable and had no problem whipping out my list of questions--something I never really felt comfortable doing with the other doc. she was super patient and answered a lot of questions I still had about the miscarriage, stuff I never got from the other doctor. Overall, super pleased. Plus when I get my first positive pregnancy test, she wants me to come in immediately for blood work and an exam to make sure everything is looking ok. Lots of good answers!

Which, in case you were wondering:
  1. Is it ok to still take my zyrtec during pregnancy? yes! overwhelmingly yes, it's fine.
  2. I had an insane runny nose last time, what can I take and what are your recommendations?  Sudafed is ok (there were some bogus studies saying it wasn't, but she thinks they're vodo--her words. haha), but she would recommend not taking anything until the second trimester if possible. 
  3. My boobs just now shrunk and they were so painful last time when I was in the early weeks, is there anything I can do?  Whatever makes you comfortable, that I had such strong hormone reactions even with the loss of the fetus is a good sign that my body is ready to carry a baby.  Usually most women say wearing a bra, even at night helps, but it's what ever helps you personally.
  4. What reflux meds are ok, between the prenatals and morning sickness it's miserable.  any are fine, they're all pretty much the same--whatever works for you.
  5. Is there a difference between Rolaids and Tums? Nope, whatever ones you can tolerate are good.
  6. I've been anemic in the past, when do you check for that? They'll do a lot of tests for me during the first trimester since I'm high risk, so don't worry. If you I am they'll treat it.  It's tricky because most women will probably come up as anemic, but your blood volume increases so much during pregnancy it's hard to tell if you're truly anemic or if it's a result of an increase in blood volume. Either way, they'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  7. Acne meds and face washes, I know Retin-A is bad but are any others? Is my Salicylic Acid wash ok? I'm fine using whatever I've currently got, other than the Retin-A most are fine.  Your face may become more or less sensitive so if you have to adjust your wash or moisturizer it's not abnormal
  8. What hospital do you deliver at?
If you don't feel comfortable whiping your list of questions out, get a new doctor. Lesson learned, check.
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