Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Forward

I go to my new doctor today. After the whole miscarriage debacle I've decided to change doctors. I'm even fairly certain that I would have changed doctors before my second trimester had everything not happened, my old doctor became pretty uninterested in my concerns once I started to try and get pregnant. When your doctor doesn't give you the feeling that you can actually ask any questions because they're already half way out the door, probably time to change doctors. which is ironic, since this is the same doc that delivered my friends baby and she had a totally different experience with her. But whatever, following her lack of concern or communication during the whole miscarriage process I'm not going back. She never even wanted to see me after the D&C unless I was having problem, in which case she told Coach I could go to the ER. Makes you feel great right after you just had your uterus cleaned out. but oh well, the whole thing still makes me sigh with dismay. But at the time, what was I going to do? I was so sad that I just wanted to move on, even if it meant waiting a full week because she couldn't "schedule me" for the D&C because she was busy. Apparently my miscarriage was inconvenient for her, oh I'm so sorry. my bad. Whatever, I'm not going down that road again or I'll just get angry... again.

So anyway, I'm going to a new doctor that was recommend by one of my dudes at work. Which, in itself, sounds off. You have a OB recommendation from a male fireman? Why yes, yes I do. Here's why: his wife is a NICU nurse at one of the major hospitals in DFW, they had a miscarriage more awful than mine last year and their doctor came in the day after thanksgiving (on a holiday) to do her D&C, she's young but has a crazy good CV, and when you've had a miscarriage or complicated pregnancy she sees you every week during your first trimester to make sure everything is going ok. Uh, hi: my name is Colleen and if I wasn't paranoid before about loosing my baby before, you bet your ass I am now--are you my dream doctor? So that and various other reasons, not forgetting that when I called to make my appointment to meet her, the receptionist and her nurse were appalled at the whole back story and were so stinking nice that I'm feeling much more reassured that I ever would have before. Old doctors nurses: all bitches. So far: overly impressed with new doctors nurses. And she's in fort worth, which is about 15 miles closer to our house--which could be a big deal if I'm about to rip Coach's balls off during the "pre-epidural" ride to the hospital.

Soooo... yeah I'm both excited and nervous. Hopefully she'll clear me this month, we can start trying again, and baby will be here shortly. Now that I'm feeling better (finally), weight has slowly come off (not all, but some), and boobs have deflated slightly, I'm really ready to get going on this baby train again. I'm even more excited than last time really, which is saying a lot.

My sister was even super supportive when we were talking about it on Friday. She apparently bought a bunch of cute stuff for the baby before I miscarried. But she told me that no matter how far along I am for the wedding, not to worry that she knows I care about her and her fiance and that if I'm too big to stand at the altar we'll deal but she doesn't want me to worry about it. Just worry about the healthy baby. How sweet is that? Although I'd like to not deliver on her wedding dress! So we'll see, cross that bridge when we get to it.

lastly, we saw Despicable Me this weekend--holy shnikies that movie was awesome. go see it. I can't wait for it on Bluray, I want to watch it over and over again. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
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