Friday, July 2, 2010

Cancer -- Take a Hike. Like a Long One, Off a Cliff

If you've been reading a while you know my mom has stomach cancer, she had her stomach removed, it's been hard, and she finished her radiation a few weeks ago and will have a scan in a week and a half to see if they got it all of if she's in for more "fun".  Also, an awesome friend has Leukemia, we did the Big D Climb in honor of him, he went into remission 3 months ago, and we thought all was good. Not so.

This week he lost use of his legs and his left eye went lazy.  He back went to MD Anderson and they found the cancer on Tuesday. He got spinal tap tests back Wednesday afternoon. It’s spread to his lower back and the nerves around his spine. They also think it’s in his brain but couldn’t find it on the scans, but that is the only thing that would explain the loss of his legs and eye.  He went through a partial radiation treatment Wednesday night.  He's lost a lot of confidence because this is, of course, not good news. 

He is one of the strongest, best, most honorable people I've ever known.  He's a person everyone is proud to call a friend.  He deserves better than this and I am determined to help him fight this in whatever way possible.  Tiffany is driving down tomorrow with her mom. Coach and I had been toying with the idea of driving down for various reasons, but we finalized it yesterday--so hopefully we'll get to see him a few times.  He needs to know he IS strong enough to beat this.  It's early, he's young, and he can do it.  I have faith in him.

I hate cancer.
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