Sunday, July 18, 2010


Backstory: Coach had a king sized Memory Foam bed he bought while we were dating (because I refused to stay over on a futon. ugh).  It's been sitting in our guest room since we moved in together.  It's a really nice bed.  But I have a super nice bedroom set that is a queen, also a nice bed--a pillow-top though.  The king size frame to our set was just not in our budget with everything during the move, then the things we had to do to the house to get it in shape.  We've been wanted to get it but I was still paying off the whole set I bought (gotta love 0% interest).  I paid it off earlier this month.  We stopped by Ashley to see what the king size would cost us, and they had a new model within the set that they didn't have when I bought mine.

So yeah, you can guess where this is going. We bought it.  Woopsies.... :)  I'm excited though, that bed is so comfy. Maybe it'll help with my back too. that would be nice. But now we've got the queen bed frame to sell. I'll list it officially on craigslist once we've gotten the new bed delivered.  But if you're interested, email me at: livingforlove (dot) blogspot (at) gmail (dot) com.  

This is what the bed looks like, the canopy rails come off and it can just be the four posts.  It's super pretty.
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