Friday, July 16, 2010

All I'm Saying is These Are CUTE

These rockers by Rockabye are beyond adorable.  I found them on sale on Gilt (joining is free btw) for $70, but how cute are they?
We have a friend who is a huge baseball fan, if they have another kid and it's a boy, this would be perfect!!

I'm still in baby mode.  we were given the all clear by the new doc, and I love her.  she was super awesome. It was really hard to sit in the waiting room with all those pregnant ladies (I guess I came on sonogram day, so it was like all the 6+ month bellies on display, which was hard to see), but once I talked to the doctor I was feeling a lot better about trying.  She even, which shocked me, said those over the counter ovulation kits are effective so I ordered some in bulk off amazon--just in case, in addition to a bunch of pregnancy tests in bulk ($5 for 25 tests). I am not looking forward to the return of morning sickenss or my faucet nose, but I am looking forward to the day when I can put our child on my vintage rocker.  Which needs a desperate repainting. and although cute, isn't near these little cuties.  Can I justify 2 rockers? :)
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