Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Technology... You Dummy

I have the iPhone 3g.  Since the new software "upgrade" my phone has been crawling at a snail's pace.  One of the guys at the station talked to apple and they emailed him some "fix" for that. Talk to him today, it's as slow as before. And I'm not exaggerating--it takes almost a minute to unlock it, a minute for it to pull up the text you just had, and forget using the map feature it takes so long to even load that the phone times out. 

Coach used my phone for something a few days ago and got so irritated with its speed that he was cussing at it (obviously, this was following his return home from another wasted day at football).  I paid our cell bill yesterday, and just decided to check when I'm available to upgrade. I can get an upgrade now as it turns out.  And now I know that, and Coach knows that, and now we want to upgrade my phone.  But I feel like my phone was fine before and just because apple wants me to get a new iphone4 doesn't mean my perfectly fine (before) phone (that I've had a year and a half--albeit that this is actually my 4th replacement phone because they break, but it's free with the insurance) needs to hit the trash.  Just because they came out with a new model is not an excuse for them to ignore the problems they've caused on the older models and I have to spend $200. 

In addition to the fact of what phone to get... android or iphone4? I'm not tech savvy, but I need a lot out of my phones because of work. ugh. #lesigh Sometimes I hate technology.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bye Bye, it was Nice Until Today

Football early report officially started today.  Coach is gone from 8am-3pm with an hour and a half lunch. What do they do you ask? Absolutely.friggin.nothin.  Coach sits there while the Varsity Coaches talk about plays and players, the JV Coaches talk about runs and possibilities, and the Freshman Coaches stick their thumbs up their asses.  All.Week.  So my husband comes home irritated from a whole day wasted on talks that will do nothing for undermotivated, unathletic, future inmates who just want a jersey.  The players don't want to work hard, the school has no talent pool to speak of, and the parents can't care less in about 95% of the cases. 

Especially for 9th grade--these kids suck.  They also have no motivation to try harder.  It's ridiculous.  It's a total waste of Coach's time, since he has zero control over anything that happens even on the freshman team since the head freshman coach is a CREEP micromanager who has no business Coaching, teaching, or being around children.  This guy give me the heebie jeebies, I refuse to be in the same room with him when there are people present. Ugh. Hurl. 

What an incredible waste of time.

On a side note, we went to the lake with our friends yesterday and it was awesome.  Coach did a great job knee-boarding, I did a great job tanning. :)  And I did some sewing projects Saturday.  I'll post photos later. Pretty proud of the results! Up next: curtains for the bathroom. woohooo!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Military Baby

My sister's fiance is in the Army.  I am already excited for the future babies that are many years off.  There are times I want to hord things to give her, today is one of those days.  I love perusing etsy on my lunch break.  As Army Brat's ourselves, this stuff is adorable!!

$12 US Army ACU Baby Cap by DragonflyDesignsbyTH

$8 My Uncle is my Hero by FForest Creations (which I might need!!!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Backstory: Coach had a king sized Memory Foam bed he bought while we were dating (because I refused to stay over on a futon. ugh).  It's been sitting in our guest room since we moved in together.  It's a really nice bed.  But I have a super nice bedroom set that is a queen, also a nice bed--a pillow-top though.  The king size frame to our set was just not in our budget with everything during the move, then the things we had to do to the house to get it in shape.  We've been wanted to get it but I was still paying off the whole set I bought (gotta love 0% interest).  I paid it off earlier this month.  We stopped by Ashley to see what the king size would cost us, and they had a new model within the set that they didn't have when I bought mine.

So yeah, you can guess where this is going. We bought it.  Woopsies.... :)  I'm excited though, that bed is so comfy. Maybe it'll help with my back too. that would be nice. But now we've got the queen bed frame to sell. I'll list it officially on craigslist once we've gotten the new bed delivered.  But if you're interested, email me at: livingforlove (dot) blogspot (at) gmail (dot) com.  

This is what the bed looks like, the canopy rails come off and it can just be the four posts.  It's super pretty.

Friday, July 16, 2010

All I'm Saying is These Are CUTE

These rockers by Rockabye are beyond adorable.  I found them on sale on Gilt (joining is free btw) for $70, but how cute are they?
We have a friend who is a huge baseball fan, if they have another kid and it's a boy, this would be perfect!!

I'm still in baby mode.  we were given the all clear by the new doc, and I love her.  she was super awesome. It was really hard to sit in the waiting room with all those pregnant ladies (I guess I came on sonogram day, so it was like all the 6+ month bellies on display, which was hard to see), but once I talked to the doctor I was feeling a lot better about trying.  She even, which shocked me, said those over the counter ovulation kits are effective so I ordered some in bulk off amazon--just in case, in addition to a bunch of pregnancy tests in bulk ($5 for 25 tests). I am not looking forward to the return of morning sickenss or my faucet nose, but I am looking forward to the day when I can put our child on my vintage rocker.  Which needs a desperate repainting. and although cute, isn't near these little cuties.  Can I justify 2 rockers? :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The New Doc

So the new doctor was awesome.  It went great, despite getting stuck in awful traffic and being really late. I got a ton of great answers, although concerned over some issues Dr. Wiley brought up with the actions of my old doctor. so she's got to request all of my records to make sure that the old doc did everything she should have. But we got cleared to start trying again, which is super reassuring since I'm so ready for this baby! She said she'd call if anything came up on the records she gets, because I was never called with any pathology reports (and should have been) following the D&C.

Dr. Wiley's nurse is super nice and the doctor is super cute and normal. I liked her instantly. She sat with me for like 20 minutes no problem, it was really great. I got a ton of great answers and feel really good and super relieved. It was hard sitting in the waiting room with all those big pregnant ladies (it was sonogram day apparently), but the second I was in her office I felt super comfortable and had no problem whipping out my list of questions--something I never really felt comfortable doing with the other doc. she was super patient and answered a lot of questions I still had about the miscarriage, stuff I never got from the other doctor. Overall, super pleased. Plus when I get my first positive pregnancy test, she wants me to come in immediately for blood work and an exam to make sure everything is looking ok. Lots of good answers!

Which, in case you were wondering:
  1. Is it ok to still take my zyrtec during pregnancy? yes! overwhelmingly yes, it's fine.
  2. I had an insane runny nose last time, what can I take and what are your recommendations?  Sudafed is ok (there were some bogus studies saying it wasn't, but she thinks they're vodo--her words. haha), but she would recommend not taking anything until the second trimester if possible. 
  3. My boobs just now shrunk and they were so painful last time when I was in the early weeks, is there anything I can do?  Whatever makes you comfortable, that I had such strong hormone reactions even with the loss of the fetus is a good sign that my body is ready to carry a baby.  Usually most women say wearing a bra, even at night helps, but it's what ever helps you personally.
  4. What reflux meds are ok, between the prenatals and morning sickness it's miserable.  any are fine, they're all pretty much the same--whatever works for you.
  5. Is there a difference between Rolaids and Tums? Nope, whatever ones you can tolerate are good.
  6. I've been anemic in the past, when do you check for that? They'll do a lot of tests for me during the first trimester since I'm high risk, so don't worry. If you I am they'll treat it.  It's tricky because most women will probably come up as anemic, but your blood volume increases so much during pregnancy it's hard to tell if you're truly anemic or if it's a result of an increase in blood volume. Either way, they'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  7. Acne meds and face washes, I know Retin-A is bad but are any others? Is my Salicylic Acid wash ok? I'm fine using whatever I've currently got, other than the Retin-A most are fine.  Your face may become more or less sensitive so if you have to adjust your wash or moisturizer it's not abnormal
  8. What hospital do you deliver at?
If you don't feel comfortable whiping your list of questions out, get a new doctor. Lesson learned, check.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Forever 21 Maternity? YUP!

So while perusing my favorite site, I had a lovely discovery: Forever 21 has come out with a Maternity Line.  which is nice, because they're younger, trendier, and cheaper than most maternity stores out there. It's currently not in stores in the Texas big cities (weird?), but you can still get it online. very cute!!!

Now if only I was pregnant so I could wear some of this cute stuff!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Blog Address

I finally got around to changing the address of this dang blog from.  Since I am no longer a Gilmore, and won't be a doctor for a while, and it's not consistant with the banner keeping the drgilmore blog address was weird.  I'm also working on the weird banner by the way.  Hopefully one day I'll figure it out so it doesn't look like my nose belongs in The Witches, but for now it's better. :)

So hopefully your subscription or reader feeds wont get messed up, but if they do: the new change is simple. Move your bookmark from:


Lots of life changes, and lots of things to come from the lady here in charge. :)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Forward

I go to my new doctor today. After the whole miscarriage debacle I've decided to change doctors. I'm even fairly certain that I would have changed doctors before my second trimester had everything not happened, my old doctor became pretty uninterested in my concerns once I started to try and get pregnant. When your doctor doesn't give you the feeling that you can actually ask any questions because they're already half way out the door, probably time to change doctors. which is ironic, since this is the same doc that delivered my friends baby and she had a totally different experience with her. But whatever, following her lack of concern or communication during the whole miscarriage process I'm not going back. She never even wanted to see me after the D&C unless I was having problem, in which case she told Coach I could go to the ER. Makes you feel great right after you just had your uterus cleaned out. but oh well, the whole thing still makes me sigh with dismay. But at the time, what was I going to do? I was so sad that I just wanted to move on, even if it meant waiting a full week because she couldn't "schedule me" for the D&C because she was busy. Apparently my miscarriage was inconvenient for her, oh I'm so sorry. my bad. Whatever, I'm not going down that road again or I'll just get angry... again.

So anyway, I'm going to a new doctor that was recommend by one of my dudes at work. Which, in itself, sounds off. You have a OB recommendation from a male fireman? Why yes, yes I do. Here's why: his wife is a NICU nurse at one of the major hospitals in DFW, they had a miscarriage more awful than mine last year and their doctor came in the day after thanksgiving (on a holiday) to do her D&C, she's young but has a crazy good CV, and when you've had a miscarriage or complicated pregnancy she sees you every week during your first trimester to make sure everything is going ok. Uh, hi: my name is Colleen and if I wasn't paranoid before about loosing my baby before, you bet your ass I am now--are you my dream doctor? So that and various other reasons, not forgetting that when I called to make my appointment to meet her, the receptionist and her nurse were appalled at the whole back story and were so stinking nice that I'm feeling much more reassured that I ever would have before. Old doctors nurses: all bitches. So far: overly impressed with new doctors nurses. And she's in fort worth, which is about 15 miles closer to our house--which could be a big deal if I'm about to rip Coach's balls off during the "pre-epidural" ride to the hospital.

Soooo... yeah I'm both excited and nervous. Hopefully she'll clear me this month, we can start trying again, and baby will be here shortly. Now that I'm feeling better (finally), weight has slowly come off (not all, but some), and boobs have deflated slightly, I'm really ready to get going on this baby train again. I'm even more excited than last time really, which is saying a lot.

My sister was even super supportive when we were talking about it on Friday. She apparently bought a bunch of cute stuff for the baby before I miscarried. But she told me that no matter how far along I am for the wedding, not to worry that she knows I care about her and her fiance and that if I'm too big to stand at the altar we'll deal but she doesn't want me to worry about it. Just worry about the healthy baby. How sweet is that? Although I'd like to not deliver on her wedding dress! So we'll see, cross that bridge when we get to it.

lastly, we saw Despicable Me this weekend--holy shnikies that movie was awesome. go see it. I can't wait for it on Bluray, I want to watch it over and over again. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cancer -- Take a Hike. Like a Long One, Off a Cliff

If you've been reading a while you know my mom has stomach cancer, she had her stomach removed, it's been hard, and she finished her radiation a few weeks ago and will have a scan in a week and a half to see if they got it all of if she's in for more "fun".  Also, an awesome friend has Leukemia, we did the Big D Climb in honor of him, he went into remission 3 months ago, and we thought all was good. Not so.

This week he lost use of his legs and his left eye went lazy.  He back went to MD Anderson and they found the cancer on Tuesday. He got spinal tap tests back Wednesday afternoon. It’s spread to his lower back and the nerves around his spine. They also think it’s in his brain but couldn’t find it on the scans, but that is the only thing that would explain the loss of his legs and eye.  He went through a partial radiation treatment Wednesday night.  He's lost a lot of confidence because this is, of course, not good news. 

He is one of the strongest, best, most honorable people I've ever known.  He's a person everyone is proud to call a friend.  He deserves better than this and I am determined to help him fight this in whatever way possible.  Tiffany is driving down tomorrow with her mom. Coach and I had been toying with the idea of driving down for various reasons, but we finalized it yesterday--so hopefully we'll get to see him a few times.  He needs to know he IS strong enough to beat this.  It's early, he's young, and he can do it.  I have faith in him.

I hate cancer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Floors

So as I mentioned a while ago, we ended up getting new floors.  All the hallways, the dining room, living room, and our bedroom had the carpet riped out and were replaced with really wonderful laminate.  we could have gotten wood, but the price was right and we got a 30year warranty.  So can't beat that!

they're awesome, everything looks great with the accent walls and the painting. We also repainted all the moulding because they removed it during install. So all the molding except in the 3 spare bedrooms is repainted!! Well.... other than the doors and door trim, but the hard part is fixed! woop! It looks so clean and awesome!

Oh and Cancer SUCKS! I'll post more when I know more. Mom has her scan next week but Preston's cancer is back. I'm pissed.