Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So I'm now two weeks post D&C.  I'm feeling a lot better and getting back to normal-ish.  My hormones have started to regulate back to prepregnancy levels, which has helped.  I still have crazed acne but it's getting better. My hair started falling out (your hair gets super thick and glossy during pregnancy, or mine did), my nails are back to cracked little nubs (they were so LONG! holy crap, it was amazing), my boobs stopped hurting, heartburn is gone, my nose has stopped running like a faucet, and etc etc. 

However, my boobs are still enormous.  No sign of those puppies going back to my wonderful prepregnancy size and now I'm terrified they're going to stay this big and then get bigger, again, whenever we get pregnant again.  I went from a full-C/D to a FULLLLLLLLLLLLL D.  I even went up a size in width, to avoid buying a DD.  I need to buy new sports bras, everything! So I have 3 bra's that fit and I'm holding out to see if they'll shrink back to their wonderful size before.  But they may not, which makes me sad.  :(  And sets my brain into motion, because seriously I'll need a breast reduction after the kids just for the sake of my back.  I don't know how people live with big boobies. Yipes.  All my shirts are so tight in the chest area now! ugh.  *lesigh*

So, Dear Boobies -- please shrink.  They say it takes your hormones 6-8 weeks to return to prepregnancy levels and your body to regulate after a D&C/Miscarriage.  So hopefully they're just the last things to return to normal.  Ironic that the thing that told me I was pregnant is the one thing I'm most anxious to now loose.  I didn't know I was pregnant because of a missed period, but because my boobs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep on my side, had to wear my tightest sportsbra 24/7, and the water from the shower head made tears come to my eyes.  That and my insane runny nose (you can't imagine how runny, like the worst allergies you've ever had x10) and horrible heartburn.  The nausea didn't arrive until the week after we found out.  But everyone is different. But I digress.

I threw my back out again, I'm in so much pain. It's horrible. Sitting all day at work is excruciating. I'm sitting on a yoga ball now and it's pretty much just as bad but oh well. I'm ready for the weekend.  Also, I think we're getting floors. More on that later.
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