Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting. Surgery went smoothly and I'm doing alright.  I'm feeling better and finally starting to sleep through the night.  I also started painting the house again, so that's keeping me busy. While I hate painting our walls are so grimy and need it so badly that I'm just trying to psych myself into it.  We started with the large wall in our living room so we could mount the TV on it.  I finished painting Sunday and Coach mounted the TV yesterday. It looks great even if now our TV looks teensie on the wall.  This weekend Coach and his dad are going to wire it so the cords are hidden, and preplace the wires for when we have the built in's installed in the cut-outs on either side of the fireplace.  Then we can get our DVDs up off the floor and finally unpacked.  But they wont be ready for a few months, so until then we'll still have the DVD piles we've got on the floor (groan). 

We're hosting fathers day for Coach's whole family (30-40 people) and I'm making Gumbo.  They asked us if we would like to right after the wedding and were totally flattered.  It's mostly the Aunts and Uncles who host, we're the first ones of Coach's generation to be asked to host a family holiday. Probably also because we're the only ones with the finances, house, and ability to do so.  But I'm excited for now.  I'll be stressed when the time comes I'm sure. But gumbo is fairly easy.  Just 2 big pots of it, and everyone pretty much handles bringing desert, bread, etc.  So it's ironically one of the easier things to cook for a lot of people--and they specifically wanted the gumbo to bring in some Cajun flair to their Texas family events.  It'll be fun. Insane but fun.

Anyway, just trying to keep busy.  My herbs are growing in their pots in the backyard, the front yard still looks like crap but we finally ripped out all the dead bushes, so we're just waiting for our little plants to start growing and filling the space.  Slowly but surely.  Coach is out of school and home being awesome, and after fathers day he's removing the wallpaper. Hallelujah!! So we're staying busy and working on ourselves as well as the house.  Life is complicated but OK. 

So I'll write more when I have more, but we're laying pretty low.  Kinda sucks that Coach is at home while I have to work, but oh well.  Wish I was home with him. 
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