Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kate Spade Sample Sale!!! YIPPPIIIIEEEE!!!!

Ok maybe this was bad. But I'm looking for gifts for my mom, Sunday is her birthday (and she finished her last cancer treatment yesterday!! wooopppp!! More on that later).  My sister and I have been trying to figure out what to get her for ages, so I'm surfing and blamo!  Kate Spade is having a sample sale! Holy Shnikies!!

Which of course led into me not buying anything for Mom but I did buy something friggin dumb for me.  I'll use the heck out of it... eventually... but dumb for now.  So dumb that I used my saved "mad colleen money" to buy it, and will stalk the front door of the house until it arrives to try and hide it from Coach. Although, he wouldn't know what Kate Spade was if it bit him in the ass so I could lie and tell him it was $20. But anyway don't judge me, I got this:

The Nylon Stevie Baby Bag.  Price on the main site: $425
Price on the Sample Sale listing: $189!!! yeaaaahhhh beotch! Plus $5 shipping! :)

Plus it comes with that super cute changing pad! 

So shhhhh.... don't tell Coach!
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